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The Novosibirsk city hall banned the rally against the pension reform due to the threat of terrorist attacks

Новосибирская мэрия запретила митинг против пенсионной реформы из-за угрозы терактов

The mayoralty of Novosibirsk refused to hold a 1 July rally against the tax and pension reforms of the Federal government. Among the reasons expected the attacks that day, and that, in the opinion of the administration, “actual” objectives of the action are unconstitutional.

The refusal to hold the event at several venues that have been served notices, said in his Facebook Andrey Gladchenko. The answer, according to the social worker, came to the organizers, shows the anti-terrorist Commission. According to this information, the Internet favors calls for a July 1 “of terrorist attacks against the government in each city and arranging riots with arson those who defend the government” (spelling and punctuation of the document).

“From the correspondence in social networks data on an alleged public event do not conform in fact to the aim pursued. The data of the actual target does not correspond to the Constitution, to violate the prohibitions established by the criminal legislation, legislation on administrative offences, and threaten the security of citizens participating in a public event or are in close proximity to the venue of the rally,” the document says.

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He Gladchenko posts, which are written by the staff of the municipality, not seen. “I do not exclude that the social networks are full of messages, he said. Never nonsense in social networks was not a reason for refusal in a public event”.

The organizers will appeal the municipality’s decision in court. If you make the resolution fail, they intend to appeal to the people who gathered for a rally to speak out what to do next. “We rely on the opinion of the people”, — said the interlocutor of the

While Andrei Gladchenko noted that in General the participants are not limited in time — they can go to the meeting and on any other day after 1 July, if you fail to agree to this date.

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Participants of the action, as already mentioned the Taiga. info, intended to oppose the bills of the Federal government to raise the VAT from 18% to 20%, increase the retirement age for men and women to 65 and 63 years, respectively, as well as against other controversial decisions of the authorities.

The first rally against raising the retirement age and VAT was held in Novosibirsk on June 16. It came mostly leftist (not Communist party) and “Pensioners for a decent life”. The organizers of the event have already announced their next meeting which is scheduled for June 28. The government agreed to this action in the first square.

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