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The most controversial and banned films in Russia

Самые провокационные и запрещенные фильмы в России

Recently in Russia free access you can view the banned films, but then had a great chance to be in a room where there is nothing to breathe, or be subjected to insults for treason.

By the way, today, December 13, will be the trial of the SERB activists who disrupted the screening of the film “the Flight of the bullet” about the war in Ukraine, in which the Director praises the punishers of the ATO battalion “Aydar”, sprayed in the hall of odorous liquid, so that the audience couldn’t sit in the room. People were taken out through the corridor, who built riot.

Activists shouted, “shame on your hands the blood of the residents of Donbass”, and the German was accused of fascism.

SERB is confident that the legend of the Russian documentary, Vitaly Mansky and other prominent Directors are “accomplices of terrorism”, acting by prior agreement.

In this video you can see the beginning of the end so to speak.


Was also:

The movie Zvyagintsev, “Nickel moon” about Norilsk, “Faith. Hope. Love” about activists, films about world war II through the eyes of German soldiers, sketches of modern Russia, and several films about the war in Ukraine, including about Sentsov, which closed the festival.

And that’s what Vitaly Mansky says about their festival: “the State has a documentary in the true sense of the word, not funded. The Ministry of culture finances some applied objects, which are, in varying degrees, perform or should perform outreach tasks, which are declared by the head of the Agency”.

Sponsored by and, apparently, it is not monitored, otherwise more vigilant upstairs reacted to some of the festival’s films.

For example, was shown the film “the trial” directed by Askold Kurova (“Leninland”, “Children 404”, “Winter, go away”)

“The picture has already been shown at the Berlin film festival and received a decent portion of positive press. In Russia the film has not yet been demonstrated, but in its relevance, no doubt. The author of the film tried to present as objectively as possible all the details of the case of Oleg Sentsov to each viewer became obvious: a 20-year sentence, the Director was awarded unfairly.

About Sentsov regularly reported in the media that his name, which, of course, will give the opening ceremony of the festival of publicistic passion and will attract additional attention to the “Artdocfest”. “

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Sentsov who, probably aware of many.

The film “the Wall”, directed by Dmitry Bogolyubov



“Was shot in one day – the day of Stalin’s birth. The camera follows the crowds of people who come to one of the walls of the Kremlin, where is mounted the body of the leader. Someone here in order to worship his grave, someone in the tears of love, others out loud cursing the tyrant in the human maelstrom of controversy breaks out… and the Director himself doesn’t seem to understand, how can victims worship their executioner, and why the figure of Stalin continues to arouse strong emotions into aggression, new generations.”

There was bombanut the Communist party, but somehow didn’t happen.

The film “Eastern front” , directed by Andrei Osipov.



“He made the film, assembled from German newsreels, a kind of author’s version of the “Ordinary fascism”, only without the narration. A story about people that lived as they lived, and then suddenly found himself in the war and turned into killers, the memories of which still inspire fear throughout the world. This movie, where no words but only music and sounds, caused the strange reaction of the Russian Ministry of culture that participated in the financing. The Ministry of culture has insisted that the author put on an audio track with explanatory narration prepared by the Military historical society. The new version is called “Another war”. “Artdocfest” shows the original author’s version. “


Here we can recall the history/ hysteria with the boy from Urengoy…how reacted to his speech and how he treated this film.

and so on.and etc..

It’s time once again to ask, but is there censorship we have in the country and a ban on freedom of speech? Completely free all of it is broadcast in major cities. No reason not to put a stop to this festival, and so on, and it nealy a blow to the propaganda really is.

I wonder why? It is possible that such subversive mines just not so frequent to become more active in recent years.

About the fact that the movies are not sponsored also I would like to mention one important point. Money is not allocated, but is allocated a LOT of advertising. Different, quality and there. In recent years, frequent black PR in art.

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Year, a whole year, went as through a minefield, not to run with someone for a meaningless squabble about Matilda. In vain. Allegedly demanded a ban, but in fact received a massive PR campaign a very average film. As it was.


Six months listened to the debate about Nureyev, the great ban, the pressure from different sides on the Big, so he canceled the whole idea of a pantsless dance ballet. But here, everything turned out the opposite. Sold out, they say.


The audience he entered the house in t-shirts with a portrait of Serebrennikov and the inscription “freedom to the Director!”.


Although Serebrennikov soldered the sentence is not for “Nureyev”, the details can be read here


December is flooded with articles about “Artdocfest”. They say, movies there — solid extremism. In the end, from every angle you can now hear a story about how outrageous the movie “Flying bullets”, and together with him the Bells, and rightly so, that broke, and sticks to drive this. And, voila, the film received the award “Laurel” in the category “Art film”.


And stripes a dozen major media is filled with information about this movie, as was full of Matilda and Nureyev.


It is strange that a film about Sentsov’s kind of quiet passed… There is also drama could arrange to go with this film for a wide audience.


The festival was a good work, a poignant and apolitical, high-quality and creative, but the whole festival is covered by sweet-smelling liquid political showdown, so the impression many a wrong from past can go a good job.

For example,

The film “Another life”, directed by Dmitry Vasyukov.


“The idea of the Director’s brilliant in its simplicity: it shows portraits of people who live far from the big cities and absolutely no need for Russian television or the Russian government, and most want to be left alone to live as they like.”


Or the movie “Five”, shot by Michael Gorobchuk — an example of “permissible” voyeurism. Gorobchuk, took a picture, secretly watching the life of the owner “the Zhiguli” 5-th model, standing under the window of his house. He watched during the year. A film about the little man, but not nearly as valuable as all of these fighters, activists and so on.


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