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The money – people! Russia should abandon professional sport

Деньги - народу! Россия должна отказаться от профессионального спорта

This will save the country 200 billion rubles, the budgets of three of its regions.

Russian sports superstars create in the West. Ovechkin Sharapova, Emelianenko, Bryzgalov, and so on. Our system capitalist for thirty years this art was not studied, – the journalist writes Andrey Kuznetsov on the website “Control shot”.

And my opinion is that professional sports in its current form does not need Russia at all.

In the West, this industry exists for one simple reason: she knows how to make money and bring profit to its creators. Football Champions League, NBA, NHL, American football, baseball, best football Championships of Europe – all this is a business, billions of dollars in revenues.

In Russia the best, most popular football and hockey teams pay a maximum of 10 percent. Else ask the state or the good of the patron. And improve this flawed business model is not: professional sports profitable only in the country where fans are able to pay a minimum of $ 70 per ticket. And another 30-40 to leave the arena, buying beer, sausages and cotton candy to children. How many in Russia, people who can regularly attend football, hockey and spend 6 thousand rubles per night?

With the economy everything is clear. Now about politics. In the days of the Sochi Olympics, it was still possible to say that professional sports – a factor in maintaining Russia’s prestige as a superpower and an important element of Patriotic education. But by 2018-branding and ideological value of the national sport has slipped to zero.

Fuck prestige, if 150-the million country are simply not interested in this sport? Even hockey, biathlon and figure skating interesting negligibly small percentage of the population! On TV our people watch the political talk shows and soap operas. Is arenas going to the movies and cafes, leaving their “entertainment budget” there.

So isn’t it time for our government to put an end to the economically and ideologically flawed industry under the name “professional sports”? To close government support of the sport could immediately after the closing of the Olympics in Sochi.

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A few words on the costs of voracious “image” industry. We even approximately do not know how much public money eats it in a year. It is also a disgrace. And those figures that are known, only increase irritation.

The most expensive hockey club in the country, SKA, spends 5 billion rubles of sponsorship, the source of which is the state Corporation “Gazprom”. CSKA Moscow eats 4 billion from the state Corporation “Rosneft”. In the hockey League of 25 teams. Who is poorer SKA and CSKA, on average, require its content is “only” a half billion. In the end it turns out that only one hockey costs Russia 40-45 billion loss for the year.

Sponsored by the same “Gazprom” football “Zenit” – is an annual 10 billion rubles to the wind. Football championship of the country every year eats at 50 billion rubles, of which a minimum of 25 direct financial investment of corporations and budgets. But there is still the same hopelessly unprofitable League basketball, handball, volleyball. There are costs for athletes participating in the Olympics under a neutral flag. And other and other and other.

Expensive toy called “professional sports” cost Russia 200 billion rubles annually. From the point of view of the economy is eaten up, sunk money. Most of them derived from the country – payments for expensive cars, top-selling bloated on vast salaries of athletes. Sprees in Monte Carlo and holidays in the Maldives. “Training camps” in the prestigious Alpine hotels.

Why is public money being spent on something that a player like Kokorin bought a car for 25 million rubles?

For comparison, the regions like the Altai region and Voronezh region, where the lives of 2.5 million people, spend all their needs 70-75 billion a year. The export of processed lumber brings Russia $ 90 billion a year in revenue (and that’s revenue, not profit, because the production of lumber also have to spend a lot of money). Or such example: irrevocable spending on professional sports is 20 percent of the annual state defence order.

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We have that, the money nowhere to go? Do we not wage a cold war? Is the population the average salary in the region of 150 thousand rubles? Unless oil costs $ 500 per barrel and more expensive on a dollar a day?

No brilliant scientists or astronauts or war heroes, nor the best workers do not get we have 150-200 million rubles per year. Why do we pay such money to players and hockey players? Is that the most valuable people in the country?

Why did the Soviet Union superstars like Lev Yashin and Valery Kharlamov were two to three times richer than the average resident, and now athletes are a thousand times richer than us? Let Ovechkin in the NHL he makes a million dollars a month is money from the pocket of the owner of the team, which makes the exploitation of the name “Ovechkin” 3-4 million dollars in the same month. And remains in profit.

I am convinced that in early March you need to:


  • To announce a ban spending budget billions on sports – a public symbol of those social areas, where will the savings
  • Prohibit corporations pay big money to athletes, setting a rigid bar maximum salary of 200 thousand rubles per month. To Kovalchuk, Kokorin and hundreds of their “friends to happiness” was not 300 million rubles of annual income, but “only” 2.5-3 million. A decent life is enough.
  • To establish a punitive policy for those billionaires who their money supports sports feast during the plague. The state cannot prohibit the oligarch to spend money on what he wants. But the state can squeeze such patron effective tax policy.
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    Example. In the United States 1950-60-ies of the windfall tax on the vast reaches 90 percent.

    To develop and adopt the law on such luxury tax is not difficult. Support is dear to the heart of tycoon games will remain voluntary, and the budget will have additional funds that can be spent for the benefit of the people and the state.


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