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The missing video message to Putin started a flash mob among Tuvan orphans

Пропажа видеообращения к Путину запустила флешмоб среди тувинских сирот

In the children’s Day Tuvan orphans were planning to record a video message to Putin and to draw his attention to the problem of region — in the queue for social housing is about 5 thousand orphans. Some are waiting for their apartments for twenty years. All attempts to record a video before end problems with law enforcement. One of the activists today first lost, and then unexpectedly marched against the case record to the President.

One of the main activists of the public organization “the Way home” Sayan, Doveria six years fighting for their homes. About it he said “MBH media”. After the end of the boarding accommodation is not provided, and he went to College. As time went on, the house was not given — I had to do several times, free to live in the Dorm. Now he’s in the hands of six diplomas and one higher education in the Tuvan University. The Committee on housing in March, it has set an ultimatum: either the University or home. Together with the court’s decision on his hands, he waited for housing — the timing had to give in June.

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Saiyan continued to support other orphans and members of the organization “the Way home”. According to human rights activist Oyumaa Dongak, defending the interests of the movement, he was responsible for the shooting of the video message of orphans to the President, because only he was good phone. But after recording a video Saiyan suddenly disappeared, no one could get through to him, and in the morning on the website “FederalPress” has published a recording of him where he called on the orphans to wait and not make a fuss.

“Just today, we saw it on the pages of government media a video message to the orphans to stop the “illegal” actions. His power caught and taken to the area where treated, probably. Maybe something promised. Our video to Putin caught, we have no copies will now have to re-record, it was from his phone. And the Sayana was forced to speak out against the orphans. Orphans in despair. They were the last hope to appeal to the President”, — told the “MBH media” Dongak.

In the video, a young man called orphans legal way to seek protection of their rights, without relying on the opinions of others and manipulation.

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“Don’t listen to other people’s opinions. Be yourself. What we do, what we raise the noise — it’s wrong. Let’s stop all this. Let us demand legal shelter themselves, not the opinions of others,” says Sayan in the video.

This publication aroused great controversy in social networks: some began to accuse the activist in public treachery, others drew attention to the unnatural speech orphans and crumpled a common phrase.

A few hours after that in social networks in Tuva began to gain popularity flashmob with the participation of other orphans, actively supporting Sayana and also asks us not to record a video message to Putin not to attract media coverage. The main message of all video to wait and hope for the best. Many users of social networks have noticed that the videos are done as a blueprint.

According to Oyumaa Dongak, members of the movement “the Way home” is now trying to identify the participants of the flash mob, but some have doubts — orphans if they do.

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