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The Ministry of Finance announced the main task of the budget in 2019

Минфин озвучил главную задачу по бюджету на 2019 год

The dependence of the Russian budget from oil prices will decline. Thus, as stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, the equilibrium price of oil to balance the Federal budget should be reduced.

“If we, in 2013, the equilibrium price for the balance of payments, not to spend the reserves or devalue the ruble amounted to about $ 100 per barrel of oil in 2017, it was already 40 dollars a barrel, – TASS quoted the speech of the Minister to students at Tomsk state University. – Now have the equilibrium price of about $ 60 per barrel, and set ourselves the task to 2019 to reach a balanced budget at the primary level in the amount of $ 40 per barrel.”

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Yesterday the Finance Minister said that the dependence of the ruble on the world prices for oil have decreased. “In continuation of our policy further and will be maintained,” he explained.

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