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The Ministry of economic development predicted the drop in interest rates on consumer loans

Минэкономразвития спрогнозировало падение ставок по потребительским кредитам

The Ministry considers that the Russian banks will reduce lending rates after the savings Bank. On Monday, may 16, reports TASS with reference to the representative of the Ministry.

“Most commercial banks, especially the top, look at the rates of the savings Bank movement, therefore, we should expect lower interest rates on loans and other market actors about comparable value,” he said. The cheaper the borrowed funds will support the level of domestic demand from the population, said the representative of Ministry of economic development.

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The Department also expect further rate cuts in the second half of 2016. “In the second half of the year in terms of increasing liquidity and further the disinflation process (the steps taken by the government to reduce inflation — approx. “Of the tape.<url>”) decrease in interest rates will continue,” he said.

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Earlier Monday, the savings Bank has lowered rates across the range of consumer loans by an average of 1.1-4.1%, bringing them to pre-crisis indicators 2014.

On this day, analysts of the international rating Agency Moody’s in its report noted that in 2016 the situation in the Russian banking sector will continue to improve.

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