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The mayor wanted to take away from small businesses the opportunity to challenge the price of space

Собянин захотел отнять у малого бизнеса возможность оспаривать цены на помещения

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin addressed to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the proposal to deprive small and medium businesses an opportunity to dispute the price, which appoints the city for the purchase of the premises, learned the newspaper “Vedomosti”. The changes the mayor wants to amend the Federal law that allows entrepreneurs to submit to the court in that case, if they believe the redemption price of the leased premises overstated.

The mayor in his letter, the Prime Minister said that the Moscow Arbitration court believes the independent expert in determining the price of the property. However, according to the mayor, the assessors provide “substandard reporting” for which the price is 40 percent below the market. The mayor believes that it “violates the right to the city as an equal member of the civil process,” the newspaper writes.

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The mayor has offered to sell the property at market price, and if it does not suit the businessman – then the area will be put up for auction. If the buyer really is not there, then the price can be reduced by half. Sobyanin also noted that it is necessary to impose additional criminal liability for fraud in assessment activities: in the municipality consider that because of court decisions the city has lost about 5 billion rubles.

Opposition activist Konstantin Jankauskas on his page in Facebook called such step of the authorities another way to “shakesperian” entrepreneurs. Public Ombudsman for property rights Marina Karpova, in turn, noted that the court is civilized dispute resolution, and criticized Sobyanin, the law allows the city to not contain excess property.

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Note that last year was really destructive for the Moscow businessmen. It all started with the wave of demolition of buildings recognized by the mayor’s office “squatter”. The bulldozers of the city authorities killed hundreds of objects, the owners of which were all approvals. The mayor then called these documents “pieces of paper” that entrepreneurs got “is clearly a fraudulent way.” These “paper”, however, was made out by representatives of the city hall, but no official punishment has not suffered.

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