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The may decree as it were, of his unprofitable farms to make profitable

Майский указ: как бы из своего убыточного хозяйства сделать прибыльное

New/old President gives the new/old Prime Minister new job. Nothing like? I here was immediately reminded of a quote from albert Einstein: “Insanity — doing the same thing and each time expecting a different result”

It is obvious, as was allegedly made at the may 2012 decrees: goals are divided into several hundred small tasks, and events. Anything that key objectives are not achieved. That is all. Importantly, Medvedev reported that the decrees made by 95%.

The second creative way — game statistics. Recently, we explained in detail how allegedly executed the may 2012 decrees of the richest of part of the salaries of doctors (twice the regional average). To say nothing of other regions, when Moscow lies twice!

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New new ways ways of achieving the objectives of the President of the editorial Board of Serono already offered.

Nothing new under the sun. In the USSR it was called fraud. In tsarist Russia — Potemkin villages. It seems that Medvedev has mastered this art to perfection. His superiors the impression of success, not having any relation to life. The President thanked the government “for teamwork, commitment, responsibility and honest work” and directs all things to the same person who has just completely failed them.

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It was and will be. And if someone is waiting for other results — that… see above.

A separate issue is the timing. The main activities of the government and forecast the President instructed the government before 1 October 2018. Four and a half months “to think”… what is there to think, if the Prime Minister and key economic Ministers certainly remain the same? They already understand, old dogs new tricks they won’t teach…

To read the new Ordinance here

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