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The man and the machine. A giant Kalashnikov will fall in Moscow on 21 October

Человеку и автомату. Гигантский Калашников встанет в Москве 21 октября

The monument will be installed in the Armory square at the intersection of Malaya Dmitrovka and Dolgorukovskaya.

Moscow and all Russia, is rapidly voiceservice. It is obvious that the state is simply nowhere to put money, except for the construction of the monstrous idols, in comparison with which caramelise Peter seem innocent children’s toy.

Presumably, the height of the monument dedicated to the inventor of the world’s most popular murder weapon is 7.5 meters.

Here is what they wrote about this blogger Vera Dorofeeva:

“Do you know, friends, that we are waiting for new monument in Moscow? At the intersection of Malaya Dmitrovka and Dolgorukovskaya erected a monument. Not Chekhov, who lived on this street for many years. Not continued, because the puppet theatre a hundred meters. Not the Yury Dolgoruky (well, what? Name something one. Lenin we still have a lot, and Arbatsko — two). No, comrades. We expect a five-meter (plus a two-meter pedestal), the statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov. Authorship of “the famous statue of Salavat Shcherbakov (he is also the Creator of the monument to Prince Vladimir, established on the Borovitsky area at the end of last year)” — tells us the site of the First channel. Why there and not, for example, in Victory Park, if it really itch? Probably because Armory square.

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In the historical center, in three steps from Patriarch’s, “he keeps his product — a machine, — but it does shoot someone, not as a fighter, even how Stradivari created the perfect instrument, the violin. Behind the background — the silhouette of the globe — the global importance of the phenomenon of a Kalashnikov. And the world is a struggle — as it is happening now — between good and evil,” — said people’s artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov.

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I’m writing this and crying. I just saw already built the seven-meter pedestal of this horror. I can’t imagine any city in the world, where the center is being built Homeric monument to the murder weapon. And behind the backdrop to the silhouette of the globe as an expression of the global importance of this phenomenon.

I want to Wake up and can’t.”

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