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The main causes of low productivity in Russia

Главные причины низкой производительности труда в России

One of the main problems of Russia, why can’t she catch up with the First world — low productivity. So, according to the OECD, the value of GDP produced by 1 hour of working time in Russia to 2016 amounted to 36.8% of the corresponding figure for the US economy of $23.2 versus $62,9.

“Bulletin of the Institute of Economics Academy of Sciences” (№ 5, 2017) writes, as in modern Russia “learned” to smooth the problem of large overtime. The low level of labor productivity is partly compensated by the increase in the number of working hours. The volume of hours worked per capita in Russia (976 hours / year) is second only to Iceland (1043 h), Luxembourg (1075 hours) and Korea (1083 h). The amount of labor per capita Russia is in fourth place in the world. For example, Moscow is now the average workweek is almost 47 hours.

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And the main causes of low productivity in Russia is not “Russian laziness” (on the contrary, we see that Russians are very hard-working), and poor quality of management at all levels (from private companies to public administration) and the low level of investment in production.

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