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The lives of Russians in France: challenges, Economics, career

Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера

Anya Marchenko, a girl moved from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow, and later fell in love and moved to France. There she trained as a set designer and designer, has worked in the fashion House Martin Margiela, participate in theatrical productions Serebrennikov and exhibitions of contemporary art.

I was born in Krasnoyarsk, he studied in school, and at age 11 moved with her mother to Moscow. After school, he worked at odd jobs, at some point there was even a graphic designer, carefully looked at the chart and advertising, included in the first set to Grymov, which had just opened its school of advertising. And shortly after that in 1997 he left Russia. I was 20 years old.

How decided:

French I suddenly liked the age of 15, I began to study it just for the love of difficulties. My school has been a wonderful French tutor that allowed me to engage with younger students. The second language has not yet been entered into the program. Was involved, became involved in addition.

Went quite by accident, I met a French guy, very love, passed exams at the state art school in his city, and went to him, and learn at the same time. Then we broke up, I went to Paris, where he entered the Higher national school of decorative arts in set design, and all the Weathertop…

Of course, to go in the 90s was not the same as now — there was no cell, if the friends moved in a year or two, until you came home to find a man was impossible. Even email was not all. Now all mobile Yes messenger; all the news, culture, movies, theatre, the Internet, friends, family — always. There is a sense of isolation, where you’re alone with a foreign environment, language, rules of the game.

Moving abroad — to go or to leave:

To go to someone. I probably not go places. Why exactly is this guy? Who knows? Yes, there was a moment after we broke up and the first art degree, when I looked at the opportunity to go on to study in America, there is a strong art school. And me to take. But it’s a wild budget for the study, and in France the public schools of this level were free. I decided to enroll in the best local at the time, which worked great set designers, I thought it was a smart choice.

Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьераBut I think I could live anywhere else, at least for some time. In Asia, for example.

Career in France:

I was engaged in design of exhibitions, interiors, commercial graphics. This is a big part of the job of set designer in France. I left the theater very early, like almost all my classmates, probably because of the General crisis in the French theatre at the time.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера
At some point I suddenly came to the fashion House Martin Margiela (Maison Martin Margiela), and worked there as a interior designer and set designer. It was an incredible human and professional experience, and not so remote from the theatre instead of just the text we were working with clothes.

There was a lot more interesting, I was doing space and exhibition schedule, and it was a great professional and a human school. But the fact is that this very specific Building works on the principle of anonymity, that is, I have works that have been published in magazines around the world and stored in the Museum of Decorative arts in Paris, but they don’t show my name. This is the policy of the House.

After leaving the House signed the work itself or in collaboration with her husband Alan Publicom (Alain Bublex), sometimes working together with him on his projects — he is quite a famous artist. For example, I made him a scenography installation at the Centre Pompidou, as well as the scenography for the exhibition at the Moscow Museum of architecture of the Biennale 2013, but, unfortunately, this project was not implemented due to problems with the budget.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера

Scene of the play “a Hero of our time”, which was attended by Anna

I now consciously return to the practice of theatrical set design, I don’t want to live without the theatre. Collaborated with the famous Russian Director Kirill Serebrennikov as art assistant (as he signs the scenography recently).
In 2014, I worked with him on performance “a Hero of our time” at the Bolshoi theater, and in 2015-16 — on “Machine Mueller” in the Gogol Center.

The differences between Russia and France:

In 20 years in France, you’re still in the category of children. Among peers, I feel quite a lady among kindergartners.

But all these like children a lot and willingly talked about politics, very seriously treated her and generally politically active.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера
In the end, all that is human in the French laws, was gradually conquered by demonstrations and strikes. For this you need at least the consent of the majority of society, and it is impossible without an understanding of common goals, solidarity, indifference, courage.

Private ownership of land, the ban on the passage through the woods, for example, in a field along the shore. I thought that was absurd — as if someone was trying to fence the air. But now in Russia zabor’e not unusual.

The ability to find any book freely and at any time. Now it is strange to hear, but at the end of the 90s in Russia books are still hunted, and in any French bookstore was expanse. I remember a state of stupor in front of the endless rows of shelves — all I was looking for was there, just reach out …

At some point I had myself swear not to read Russian literature in French (though it there was the sea), and to endure to Moscow and buy a Russian. Now, by the way, everything is exactly the opposite! Many books have been translated into Russian before the French, and the translation is better.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера
This is a very strange thing really, when you allocate gesture only because of your gender. However, I was still shocked when in a Paris metro men do not give way nor the elderly, nor pregnant women. Women women any more help. Or men of other nationalities.

Non-interference. No one owes nothing to say even in the case of complete disapproval — about appearance in the street or at some inappropriate behavior or inappropriate or dangerous situation. Pass by. It seems to be creating a comfortable environment, no pressure from others, but on the other hand no one will stand up, if anything. It is not indifference, and a clear code of conduct: not to meddle in their Affairs.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера

Sketch for the play the Pearl (directed by R. Bonnin)

(By the way, I still willing to climb, if someone is in danger. And saving is not so happy! Example: a woman ill in the street, sitting on the ground. If you offer her to go get medicine, or to catch a car to take her to the nearest doctor, she refuses. The boys in the subway, the other one threatens open with a knife, I chased the aggressor, but the victim is embarrassed and hides at the first opportunity. A gang of girls attacking a classmate, takes the phone from him, and threatens to spray in the eyes. I interfering, but he asks me to leave, and then he will be worse…)

In the case of a dispute, you first obey the law and then challenge or require compensation. Not trying to immediately act on the understanding and common sense. The one law for all, and even if it seems unfair, it will still perform.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера
Foreign language learning with difficulty, although their two or three. Homework assignments take much less time than in Russia. In General, prefer that the child is able to get along with people and with the law, was cheerful, and liked to do something. And evaluation — it is not that tenth, but certainly not the main thing.

I would say that in Russia faster adapting new knowledge, technologies, opportunities. France is quite conservative and changes slowly. To learn something new is expensive, so use the existing material and knowledge to the strings. Upgrade comes only with the new generation, the old basically is not getting new skills. In Russia, changes happen much faster.

How do Russian people live in France:

This is not my country, but I feel at home — just because I’ve lived here for a long time, learned a lot here. It has developed its own web of memories, experiences, found places, habits and pleasures. Russians became more noticeable in the last few years, the street is often heard Russian language. My son goes to a Russian school on Saturdays, but even in his normal French school is Russian-speaking children.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера

Anna at work (from personal archive)

At some point I realized that I have more foreign friends than the French — the people who could adapt to a new culture, survived the move, the troubles of the French bureaucracy, who live and work here, raise children, people with whom I have shared only a foreign language and similar experiences, are more interesting to me personally. Me more comfortable with the nomads.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера
To Russia, as a country, as a whole the attitude is different — the majority of French people, visited Russia, I keep it on the very fond memories. I know many who are closely linked their lives with Russia, and live there or visit often.

Work and housing:

To find jobs and housing so difficult. Working code seriously protects the rights of employees, so to fire someone is quite difficult. In this regard, to sign an indefinite contract is a great success even for a Frenchman. But there are positions where it’s easier to get everything related to new technologies, programmers, renderings, engineers. When there is no long-term contract, there are freelancing, there is a tax regime the entrepreneur, there is a separate tax regime for artists and short-term contracts. In any case, you need a visa with permission to work. But, for example, students can be quite officially work 20 hours a week, anywhere after obtaining individual work permits. Compared to America, it’s a very easy life.

To find housing that need a long-term contract or annual tax reports, which show your annual income. Currently, the income must be 2.5-3 times higher than the cost of the rent, or you need a financial guarantor.

In the presence of initial capital you can buy a property, end — loan at the Bank not so is terrible, and the cost of homes varies greatly depending on geographic location. In Paris you need to count on 7-10 thousand Euro (420-600 thousand rubles) per square meter, but prices vary as the distance from Paris. For example, for half the price in a radius of 20 km, and Even cheaper in small towns an hour away on the train.
Жизнь россиянки во Франции: трудности, экономика, карьера

The Hall is Jean born in the House of metallurgists in Paris

It was hard to part:

Mom, of course. But since I left Moscow, I had no special reason to stay there, no backbone connections, friends, and some of his gang. Moving from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow in the sense of parting was more radical, I still have a lot of internal geography connected with Krasnoyarsk. It’s really my land. It’s a very physical sensation.

Economy of life in France:

The minimum wage (after social benefits) in the country about € 1150 (70 thousand rubles), but it is still paid taxes. While the average salary in France is around € 2500-3000 (150-180 thousand rubles), before tax. Good salary starts at € 4000-5000 (240-300 thousand rubles). The majority of French people earn € 25-30 million (1,5-1,8 million rubles) a year — enough for a roof over your head and daily expenditure without quirks.

About taxes. The rate changes depending on what social status you have and how much you earn. A single mother with medium and low wages can and do pay nothing. Sometimes it happens that the salary has increased but taxes, too — and the man gets up even less. I’m not on the payroll, freelance artist, she was doing social benefits. The average is the same as would be paid in Russia — about 30% .

Entertainment. In Paris go to the Museum — € 10-12 (600-700 rubles), in the movie — € 10, not € 15 to 50, in Opera — from € 50 to 320. The usual restaurant (without wine) a day, € 12-18, in the evening € 20-40 per person. Drink a glass of wine or glass of beer € 5. Coffee € 2,5. In the country the prices are a bit lower, but not everywhere!

Housing is very different. In Paris, of course, more expensive rent flats starts from 8 m2 for € 250-300 (15-18 thousand rubles), 30 m2 for about € 800-900 (48-54 thousand rubles), 50 m2 can be rented for € 1500 (90 thousand), for € 1800, you can find 70 m2 and € 2100, you can search for 100 m2.

Most young French people, unlearned in Paris, now returned to the regions because of housing prices and overall quality of life there is, of course, more comfortable. But there is sotszhile for students and workers, of course, in a General way, this may be long, depending on your needs, but the system works. The prices are lower than in the private market.

Medicine. The standard rate for an appointment with a private therapist — € 25 (1.5 thousand rubles). A large part of the cost will be reimbursed by gastrogavage. Without prescription you don’t sell a lot of drugs, including antibiotics.

The following does not happen. Above — Yes. The doctor will ask € 50-70. A very good specialist — € 100 and above.

In a public hospital if there is Gosstroi the prices are quite human. In case of serious problems, which needed surgery, tests, pictures, if you act according to the state diagram, all will take a very long time, but the cost will be minimal, and the quality is good. Turning to a private clinic, mainly save time, but the quality in itself, there is no better. Public hospitals are equipped with best of all, they have research centres, good doctors. But they have no time, so the period of waiting for an appointment can take several weeks or even months. In principle, France is a medical desert, doctors are not enough, and the good people even more so.

I live in a artist, so I don’t have a fixed annual budget.

The thought of returning:

20 years — half my life! Yes, of course I never left forever, I have not stood for such a purpose. I am currently trying to develop a job in Russia, I wonder what is going on in the theater and in contemporary art. As a designer, I hope one day to work for theater, Opera or Museum in Krasnoyarsk, and while looking to the extent possible what’s going on, new productions, exhibitions, people…

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