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The legend of Kolowrat

Легенда о коловрате

Looked finally, “the Legend of Kolowrat”, just want to say that have not regretted. Although the film at once, of course. The main impression from the film that I want to talk style. And here I would emphasize three aspects:

1. “Russia” (channel) unbeknownst to us had his own, very recognizable, the style, which can be traced in all their projects. “The legend of Kolowrat” and “the Last hero” vivid examples of this. To describe this style seems to me quite complicated, but did not notice it was simply impossible. The main thing that stands out, it’s very bright and saturated colors — you will always know the project of TV channel “Russia”. It is inherent in how political programmes, “60 minutes” or “Sunday evening”, for example, and large-scale projects, such as “the Legend of Kolovrat”.

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Легенда о коловрате

2. “The legend of Kolovrat” is the first tale, and the reason for that may be the first item. The film is filled with familiar and not very stereotypes and cliches. For example, it was not without bear, which at a size closer to the dinosaurs. The owner of the bear — the hermit, who busily said: “do Not be afraid! Potapych the Russian breaks”. But Batu somehow more like a geisha than a Mongol Khan. Style of Russia gives this entire event absolutely fabulous effect.

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Легенда о коловрате

3. The third item follows from the second. To make their “300” did not work, but perhaps it’s for the best. Because I got something different, quite enjoyable, oddly enough. “Three hundred Spartans” Zack Snyder, it is rather comic, “the Legend of Kolowrat” tale. Although, of course, the authors of the film about the Russian athlete took over the prototype of this Hollywood blockbuster. But if for “300” you will easily guess “Guardians”, “Legend of the Kolowrat” guessed “the Last hero”. But it’s worth noting that nothing bad I do not see this.

a screenshot from the legend of Kolowrat

Легенда о коловрате

a screenshot from “the Last hero”

Легенда о коловрате


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