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The law of natural compensation insurance in force

Закон о натуральном возмещении ОСАГО вступил в силу

April 28 came into force the Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “On mandatory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles” (OSAGO), which established the priority of repair ofdamaged in an automobile accident, before the insurance payment.

“This procedure is already well established and has proven to be successful in the hull, when the car owner totally free from the hassle of getting money, and then search station where he repaired the car” – said the President of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Jurgens.

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Now the insurer will have to offer the client a list of stations, with which it has contracts. At the same time, STO should not be further than 50 kilometers from the accident site or residence of the vehicle owner (optional). Repair period, the damaged car, not to exceed 30 days. Warranty repair period will be six months or 1 year on body and paint work.

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According to the law, the owner has the right to offer his station, however this must be agreed with the insurance company.

The new law will apply to insurance contracts concluded after April 29, 2017, – reports IA “SeverInform” with a link to the website of RSA.

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