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The largest bell on the planet

Крупнейший колокол планеты


The great bell, Dhammazedi was the largest bell ever created by man. Its height is about six meters, width – more than three and a half meters and a weight of about three hundred tons (the world-famous Moscow Tsar Bell weighs two hundred tons). Rather, this man-made miracle, as many believe, still exists, so talking about him in the past tense may not be entirely correct (

The great bell was cast in about 1480 by order of the king, Dhammazedi, who led the medieval state, Hanthawadi on the territory of which today is located in Myanmar. Amazing product was a gift to the king a local Shwedagon pagoda. Originally the ruler of any gift is not planned, however, it is submitted mistakenly collected from the people of unnecessary taxes, and then, Dhammazedi decided to spend “extra” money from the Treasury to create a record of the bells to worship Buddha.

Mysteries of the great bell

Shortly before the planned casting of the Royal astrologer advised Dhammazedi to postpone the date of manufacture of the bell, as work started at an unfavorable time, when the planet was influenced by the constellation of the Crocodile. The adviser was convinced that otherwise, the bell will turn out defective and would not call. The Governor listened to this advice, and the date of casting was postponed to a later date. When the signal tool is struck for the first time, the sound was not the most pleasant. According to the adviser of the king, it happened because the bell still cast with the violation of some astrological claims. However, in the future, the bell became more harmonious.

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Metals to create a big bell, Dhammazedi steel copper, tin, gold and silver. This masterpiece also inlaid with sapphires and emeralds.

In 1583 the Shwedagon pagoda was a Venetian writer and merchant Gasparo Balbi, who was incredibly impressed with the bell. The traveler was impressed by not only the unprecedented size and rich decoration of the signal of the instrument but also small mysterious symbols that were engraved on the product. In his field diary Balbi wrote that the whole bell inscribed with strange characters, which would be enough for a thick book.


Крупнейший колокол планеты


Merchant talked with the local residents, including monks, and found that none of them are able to read the mysterious inscription. It turned out that the locals just didn’t know the language, and the emergence of the bells has long been in heaven.

A higher power had protected the bell

In 1608, Arakan conquerors decided to melt the bell and mold from the resulting metal ship cannons. The great bell, Dhammazedi removed from the pagoda and dragged him to the river Sition on elephants. There the bell was loaded on a raft, and the raft tied to the flagship. The ship sailed to the middle of the river when the raft could not bear the weight of the bell and went to the bottom utyanuv behind them and the ship. According to the Buddhists, a higher power did not allow the bell was melted down for weapons.

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Since then, this masterpiece is considered to be lost. According to some historical sources, during the river of tides, the bell was visible in the river until the end of the nineteenth century. Today the prevalent opinion that if the Great bell of Dhammazedi really resting on the bottom of Itauna, in our days it is buried under several feet of silt. Of course, there have been numerous attempts to find him, but they were unsuccessful because the water here is very murky, and at the bottom there are also many skeletons of sunken ships.

Over the past quarter century professionals with the equipment down in Sichaun at least eight times, but in vain. Due to the fact that the bell is considered a national treasure of Myanmar and one of the symbols of the Buddhist faith, it can be assumed that the attempts to find it will continue in the future. Moreover, modern technology is quite able to do it, the important thing is to find sponsors.

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