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The January mortality

Январская смертность

According to the head of the Department of Informatics and system research, Institute of psychiatry Alexander Nemtsov, in January — during the holidays — consistently dies about 18 thousand more people than at any other time. And the scientist believes that the main reason here is the alcohol.

The health Ministry says that with the data of familiar measures, but is silent about the details. It and is clear: Ministry is not omnipotent, therefore he has nothing here and ask. And anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol meets constant opposition of lobbyists, who will not pay attention to “some” 18 thousands of lives.

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What you can do at the legislative level, we are in the Duma? To follow the way of bans? To night the embargo on alcohol to add “festive”? Questionable option. There will be a surge of sales of “moonshine” alcohol, and pre-purchase bulk quantities of alcohol for “feasts”. Who needs — he, unfortunately, will always find and always drink example with “hawthorn”, a memorable.

The problem of alcohol is not solved is simple and effective gesture. The fight with him — a long and systematic work — first of all — to raise the standard of living of Russians, when the citizens will have the possibility of another form of leisure, but vodka. And this is economic growth. It — including social support from the state.

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Well promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, you can say “it is necessary to cancel the new year holidays”. But to take holidays at all because of a minority is unfair.

So while it remains to admit that we have a big, big problem. And the ways out of it you need to look for.

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