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The inhabitants of communal apartments and barracks are to blame?..

…And I’ve recently learned that in Moscow, it appears, still there are communal! – excitedly told the woman his friend. And people live in them. In the twenty-first century – in a communal apartment! With shared shower and toilet! With strangers! I can’t believe this… Okay, even when the students in the Dorm in these conditions, it’s even fun, I guess. But adults with a family with children? Tin…
Обитатели коммуналок и бараков сами виноваты?..

– Yes, I know! – shrugged familiar. My best friend my whole life I have lived. Now she is over forty already. First, he and his mother lived, and then, ten years ago, the mother married and went to her husband. Room left Natalia… Natalia has a daughter twelve years old, she is a single mother… the Apartment. In one room, so Natalia with her daughter, another man of about fifty, drunk ordinary, in the third family with a small child. That’s the communal. Live badly, to be honest, constant scandals, lass there, a neighbor, a young mother, rowdy has one just before the fight never comes, and the heat stepped on the drunk… But what to do. Options do not, to move out of this room they have nowhere…

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– Look, well – what to do? To improve their living conditions, that’s what! Sell this room, save a fee, take out a loan, to change the area on a more remote, but buying a small one – but a separate apartment! To not live with alcoholics and habalok and her children among them not to raise… Forty years to live in such conditions and do nothing to change something. It’s mind-boggling!

– Nuuuuu, such horrible neighbors it is not always. Before the old people lived, God’s dandelions, they are not heard, not seen it… and besides… It is easy to say and to improve their living conditions. But how to do it? Studio apartment is certainly much more expensive room. And the extra money she is not at all. She’s in a music school works as a teacher, a daughter, a long. And for help no one to contact!.. And about to sell the room, she does not want to hear. Afraid. It’s the only thing she has ever…

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Do you think the person, for decades living in inhuman conditions, are to blame?
I had to spin and solve the problem.
Or sometimes it happens that nothing can be done, and man can only regret?
What do you think?


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