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The hole is from stars

The Russian government needs to solve a complex task: to educate citizens who are not complete idiots, but still retain loyalty.

They say there are about a million “procesamento” — people who believe that our planet is flat despite all the arguments of scientists. In Russia, according to opinion Polls, more than four million (approximately 3 percent). And every fourth inhabitant of our blessed Motherland (25%) believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth. And I think the hole in the “Union” directly correlates with these numbers.

On the one hand, uneducated people — hope and support authoritarian rule. They usually suggestible, uncritical and illogical — that is willing to take on faith any bullshit: from flat Earth to an extra chromosome in the genotype of the Russian people. On the other hand, just a little thinking, they will easily cover the hole on Board a spacecraft with a sealant. Not out of malice, but simply was not aware of the possible consequences.

They can even stand at the head of the spaceport or the whole industry. And when something “goes wrong”, I sincerely believe that the priest sanctifies the start, was a layman, and a hole on the ISS drilled “astronauts pests”.

But it’s not fly away. So we need to find a balance. The task before the government is difficult to raise a loyal citizen, but not a noodle, not too smart, but not very dark. And now, after a victorious March through the educational institutions of the law of God under the guise of “fundamentals of Orthodoxy” in school is returned to astronomy — a subject that is considered the best vaccination against religious fanaticism and obscurantism. A fascinating world — with black holes, stars, dwarfs, gravity, parsecs, Ecliptic, etc.

Say, the idea of returning to the school program hours of astronomy has long lobbied the Russian space Agency. They say, no one wants to conquer the Universe, all eager to sit on the “tube.” And we, in this age of advanced technologies, needs its star boys, your Ilona Mask to explore other worlds and build new businesses.

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The problem is that in a vacuum there is no life. Not enough to introduce a new subject — still need to find talented teachers are ready to inspire students with science, which not only helps to recognize the constellations in the sky, but also gives an idea about the world, learn to dream high. Otherwise, everything will boil down to a boring reading of the paragraphs of the textbook “from here to here”. However, talented teachers in our schools. But if, according to the Minister of education to teach astronomy are physics teachers, grab the stars from heaven high school students and does not Shine. They would have to use time to prepare.

To teach children to think, to ask questions, to dream, to dare, it is the world’s best educational programs. But to implement them can only people, who themselves feel free, or at least not humiliated by the Soviets “a little money — go to business” and a necessary part in the elections. Many of these independent works in our schools?

By the way, in 1947 in some of the Soviet school experiment returned the lessons of logic and psychology, which was abolished after the revolution the Bolsheviks. On one of versions, someone suggested to Stalin that our losses in the war would have been much less Soviet military leaders know how to argue consistently. And with the restoration of the destroyed national economy will need professionals able to think three steps ahead.

Who came to power Khrushchev this experiment quickly turned. Which is a pity. Today, people who know how to establish links between facts and events, and not mindlessly accept what they are told on TV, in Russia is clearly not enough.

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And not only among the marginalized, but also among other sectors of society — from cab drivers to Cabinet Minister. Otherwise this would not have happened pilgrimage to the lecture coach Tony Robbins, which is different from Kashpirovsky Chumak with only that “treats” naive people at times more by selling their advice to “believe in yourself” from 20 to 200 thousand per ticket.

Believe in yourself, shoot for the stars, jump above your head… but who needs these settings in the country, where the “Russian dream” today — a carcass or a stuffed animal to cling to the budget or to join the ranks of the “siloviki”. Where the profession of the scientist, teacher, philosopher became virtually synonymous with the word “nerd.” Where course, diploma, dissertation you can just buy. And where the Covenant of the fathers “study — a person will be” replaced blind faith in luck, audacity and power.

Honestly, it’s better for a free lecture by Igor Gulls at MGIMO look. There is a successful businessman, the younger son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, promises to reveal to her students the secrets of Russian entrepreneurship. Very desirable for this reason to make a joke, but I won’t — what if he really will share revelations, why children (and wives, sons-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, etc.) of our senior politicians are so successful in business. Why in orderly rows go, the merchants, and not in the astronauts. Where they teach their children. And why one is open star trek, and others — in the pocket hole.

And all of the notorious astronomy. No sooner had the subject in school to return — so many questions in my mind.

Victoria Voloshina

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