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The history of “cultural terrorism”

История "культурного террора"

To undermine the minds of the layman and to bring the mines under public order easier today with the help of cultural artifacts …

That is what we are now witnessing, and the situation in society is only heating up.

From the spectrum of opinions about the film “Matilda” there are three:

    • irreconcilable opposing Orthodox, who consider the movie an insult to the memory of the last Russian Tsar and a mockery of Russian history
    • the liberals, in unison, screaming about freedom of creativity and the danger of “Orthodox Taliban”
    • and most bewildered, sometimes so uncomprehending of what was happening, ready to compare the protesters against the film with those who are waging war monuments in the United States.

More absurd is difficult to imagine. And these aberrations are associated, primarily, with the imposed perception that we are talking only about the “art film”. However, speech, as we understand, is not just about “the movie”. No one is interested in artistic and other advantages of the paintings of the master. Himself his movie opus one would not be interested if it was not relevant motive, which is the essence of the case and hidden. Therefore, the traditional bugaboo: “did not look, but condemn” does not work here.

That’s right — not watched, have no desire and categorically condemn without any relative questions. Because it’s not at all in the movie. Which, of course, understand not only the Orthodox zealots and liberal defenders of the painting, and what absolutely can not grasp the bewildered citizens.

This misunderstanding needs to be clarified. Outrage “Matilda” is associated, primarily, with the fact that the film is perceived by Orthodox monarchists as an act of spiritual terrorism. That is, as a phenomenon fundamentally of the same order, what was the revolutionary terror of the socialist-revolutionaries in Russia in the early twentieth century. Yes, to the political assassinations of the matter today does not reach, but times have changed. To undermine the minds of the layman and to bring the mines under public order easier today with the help of cultural artifacts, “contemporary art” and so on. in the same spirit. On this subject, written mountains of books in this field, working cultures-Marxism and its epigones, this thoughtfully says, “the theory of Gramsci”, claiming that the seizure of political power must precede the conquest of the “Kingdom of culture”, etc., etc.

And culture, working in this field understand that it was the debunking of sacred symbols peoples becomes a prelude to their destruction. Therefore, such a serious approach and demanded the attitude of “Matilda”, as an act of spiritual sabotage, which it undoubtedly is.

What else can be the only (!) large public cultural project (!), created for the centennial of the “Russian revolution” (the premiere of which is scheduled for the revolutionary days), and openly mocking the memory of the last Russian Tsar?

История "культурного террора"

Isn’t it something like a penalty “revolutionary Convention” of Louis XVI before driven to the scaffold overwhelmed the citizens of Paris and sprinkling them with me on the Holy blood of the king: “his blood be on us and on our children”. Yeah, not so dramatic, post-modern fun and mocking, but with the same spiritual sign and the same spiritual essence.

And the closest to the truth, oddly enough, are the ones who compares “Mathilde” the American “war on monuments”. Closer precisely because, here and there, we are really dealing with the same global process, with a “wave” going from the U.S. West coast to the Eastern borders of Europe. Here and there we are talking about cultural terror directed against the historical memory of the European, the white man as he is.

Yes, and the demolition of monuments to confederates in the US, and the movie “Matilda”, and the influx of refugees to Europe, — these are all different phenomena of the same process: cultural, humanitarian, war against Christian Imperial identity of the European, the white man. Wherever and whatever was this war — at the level of culture, humanitarian actions, or economic programs is one and the same war, waged by the same forces on different sides of the ocean, solving the same task. This task of building a new global world order. And those who choose this task, understands while the European peoples alive the memory of Christian ancestors and emperors, the memory of the Christian Empire, the memory of the great European history, — complete victory of globalism is impossible. That is why it is necessary to demolish the monuments to the heroes of the Confederacy, to shoot movies like “Matilda”, to escalate ethnic tensions in Europe, etc., etc.

By the way, about the ethnic tensions. It was after the end of the Civil war in the United States under the traditional white world was made the first powerful ethnic bomb. If the Civil war was won by the southerners, the Negroes, as suggested by President Davis and the southern elite of the world would be educated, socialized, and gradually gained the freedom, and becoming normal members of society — such was the social program of the South. Yankees, the “freeing” of blacks, not to spend money on their education and socialization, they first gave them a real (not cultured) terror against the white population of the South, and then settled them to the bottom of their cities. Today black people in America commit crimes six times more often than whites, a quarter of black men are in prison, this monstrous statistics was a direct result of the victory of the Yankees in the Civil war.

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История "культурного террора"

Something similar is happening in Europe today, flood which Arab “refugees” is just one of the points of the program of globalization, which Soros spending a lot of money on these “humanitarian programs”, not even hiding. Arab “refugees” to play the role of “ethnic bomb”, announced to the European world. Perhaps accidentally, the jihadists are now different methods of terror in Europe: explosions, assaults on the car, shooting in a cafe massacre in the streets… In the “hour X” thousands of such “single Islamic States” can act at the same time, wreaking havoc and terror everywhere, and suppressing any attempt to resist…

The same nature is the war of the global elite against the President of the trump. And it’s not what trump wants “to be friends with Russia” or sympathetic to “white Suprematists”. Trump has already committed the most terrible crime, which could, torpedinous agreement on TTIP, and stopping, thus further progress of economic globalization program.

Alas, we, in Russia, fared little better. That is particularly evident in the centennial anniversary of the great Russian tragedy of 1917. Here we have our “charlottsville” their “refugees”, their bombs held to the society and the historical memory of the people. And the fact that the defenders of the memory of the last Russian Tsar uvideli clear the situation of “Matilda” the entire background of the case, said only that, unlike most, they are alive the historical memory, and they are well aware of the fact that all previous attacks on the Tradition started with a similar “cultural events” and “reconnaissance”.

История "культурного террора"

Suffice it to recall the famous “Dreyfus case” (1896-1906), who showed such a total corruption of the legal system of France that the whole of Europe caught the spirit. “The Dreyfus case” split the European world, glow it to a boiling point and becoming largely a prologue of the First world war.

Even more symbolic the story of the “cultural terror” the beginning of the XVI century, when European Christians began to walk the numerous facts of anti-Christian blasphemy, discovered in the Jewish religious books. The scandal has gained a pan-European scale, and “debate about Jewish books” resulted in a decade of a hot confrontation “humanists” and the traditionalists (1507-1516). Won “humanists”, and the latter was the Emperor and even the Pope. Alas, at this time in Europe, all you could buy for the money. Was no exception and the papal court. “Process” has awakened the revolutionary spirit of Europe and was a natural prologue to the reformation.

But one of the most tragic episodes in European historical memory of the Regicide. The execution of king Charles in 1625г. in England marked the beginning of a new “Westphalian order” of Europe, when, instead of the single authority of the Church and the Roman Empire in the Christian world triumphed the power of nation-States, and instead of a single Christian mankind is politically warring “nation”, which became very convenient to play off each other. The first immediate consequence of the Regicide was the genocide of the Catholic Irish, in which, after the campaigns punitive expeditions of Cromwell, barely more than 10% of the population.

Directly behind the execution of Louis the SIXTEENTH century 1793 was followed by the traditional Catholic genocide of the Vendee. In the longer term, the forces of destruction with the help embedded in the minds of Europeans of the ideas of “liberty, equality, brotherhood” managed to crack the entire traditional paradigm of Christian Europe.

The murder of Nicholas II in 1918 in Russia was the beginning of the destruction of Russian culture, the aristocracy and the people. The murder of the Royal family the forces of destruction, opened an era of global terror against traditional Christian civilization, which became the entire twentieth century, and which continues today.

История "культурного террора"

To understand the dangers that await us from our so-called “crop-elitist”, figures like serebryannikova or Teacher, just look at the example of the United States. Looking at the spiritual collapse of American civilization that we see today, it is hard to imagine that some 50 years ago it was quite normal conservative world. The responsibility for turning it in today’s “Sodom and gommora” carrying some “cultural schools” formed on the principle of revolutionary parties (social revolutionaries, Bolsheviks), or more precisely, totalitarian sects. One of these sects was the so-called. “New York intellectuals” — a close-knit family bearers emerged from among the authors of the Trotskyist journal “Partisan review”. In the 50-60-ies. in America it was impossible to be a writer or other notable figure on the cultural horizon, after careful selection of this “family”. It is on this group lies largely responsible for the preparation and conduct of the “cultural revolution” of the 60s in America.

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Another important sect (working on the philosophical field) was so-called. The “Frankfurt school” who created the theory of “totalitarianism” and “the authoritarian personality” hostile to democracy. Working side by side with “new York intellectuals”, the “Frankfurt school” prepared the revolution of the 60’s, attacking their attacks primarily on the traditional family and Christian identity Americans.

Such sects already working in the field of psychology, was a “Freudian” and “bosanska” anthropological school. They have as their objective the Erasure of genetic, national and racial differences between people, the erosion of national cultures of white peoples. At the same time in Vogue in America included psychoanalysis, becoming something of a quasi new Church, substituting the traditional Christian institutions.

All these sects, similar in structure (resembling, rather, the mafia clans, rather than “scientific school”), coordinate among themselves their actions, and many of the characters (as, for example, the notorious Hannah Arendt) were active members of several sects. In this case, “the new York intellectuals” controlled elite major U.S. universities (Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia, University of Chicago), bosanska school — secondary education, and psychoanalysts of Ministers to the middle class of American cities.

The main targets of these cultural sects were the traditional white family, the traditional institution of fatherhood and the traditional culture as “inevitably give rise to fascism”. In the same row were perceived and Christianity. So Leo Strauss, the spiritual guru of the “neocons”, one of the most influential and dangerous political sects of modern America, seriously propose to “save democracy” to replace Christianity (as “inevitably generates fascism”) Judaism.

As you can see, from the point of view of the new American bearers, a white man, a Christian, aware that their cultural and national identity, were “thrice-fascist” and subject to immediate re-encoded. The success of this total conversion is evidenced by the current state of American civilization, devoid of all spiritual reason and on the verge of chaos and civil war. The destruction of the last symbols of traditional American culture that we see today, the demolition of monuments to the heroes of the confederates, etc., represents marks the final triumph of destructive forces.

Something like this (maybe not advanced yet so far) we are seeing in Russia. The same culture, the same sect “artists” filled the space of our culture. Their destructive activity has a detailed likeness of the revolutionary terror, the SRS and the Bolsheviks of 1917. However, the current “regicide” are more symbolic, but no less terrible in its destructive power.

And “contemporary art” in the spirit of “pussy rayot” or feminist “christophia” in the Ukraine (when ladies Topless with chainsaws at the ready to cut down here and there memorial crosses) leads, alas, to the same irreversible impact that traditional and revolutionary terror. Ladies-Topless spilivaya crosses, not stopped, not whipped with rods, sobering not given a criminal sentence, a direct result of what was probably erupted shortly Ukrainian independence… If we in Russia also softened the case of “pussy rayot”, today we likely would be faced with a tsunami of vandalism at Christian churches across the country…

And today our government is not too late to realize that the provocations of the type “Matilda” are laid (and very deliberately) the road to the orange revolution in Russia; that the act of spiritual terror, what is it “movie”, no less, but rather much more dangerous than the notorious ISIS terrorism: acts of terror classic rally the people; the spiritual acts of terror lead to monstrous social cleavage.

“Matilda” has already caused a serious split in society right along the lines of culture, religion and politics: “the Soviet” patriots turned on the monarchists, supporting “the freedom of the artist” to “ideologically narrow” conservatives, etc. And, often, the people are quite well-intentioned and sincerely do not understand the reasons “all the hype”. We have to admit that the idea of provocation “Matilda” was very clever. Moreover, the government should carefully study the whole background of the case (at least for reasons of self-preservation, because the main target laid the “bomb” is exactly it). And as for learning all the ins and outs takes time, it would be advisable at least to postpone the premiere of the film to ascertain all the circumstances of the case.

And even better — do to distance themselves from any support of the “Matilda” of pleading guilty that she, the power, unwittingly, was involved in this carefully thought-out provocation. Sacred symbols — not those things that you can with impunity play. For whether or not to indulge “the demolition of monuments”, which is perhaps the only, still holds the peace and order in our society? The authorities should carefully look into what is happening in America today, and to draw conclusions, unless, of course, she had no desire to plunge our country into the chaos of revolution and civil war.

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