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The grapes helps to avoid depression

Виноград помогает избежать депрессии

Adding grapes to your diet can affect the condition of your mental health. The researchers found that some compounds derived from grapes, can help in the treatment of depression.

“The opening of these new polifenolami compounds in natural grapes, focused on cellular and molecular paths associated with inflammation, can provide an effective method of treating many people with depression and anxiety,” said lead researcher Giulio Maria pasinetti project Professor Medical school Ikana in mount Sinai hospital in new York.

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Scientists have found that bioactive dietary polyphenolic preparation from grapes effectively increases the resistance to stress of depression in mice. In particular, they found that two compounds derived from grapes — dihydrocodeinone acid (DHCA) and malvidin-3′-O-glucoside (Mal-gluc) — can contribute to resilience to depression in mice by modulating inflammation and synaptic plasticity.

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The study was published in the journal “Nature Communications”.

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