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The government suddenly noticed that the built in Norilsk prison is missing

Государство вдруг заметило, что построенная в Норильске тюрьма отсутствует

The rollback of 100%? Well, almost

The government suddenly noticed that the built in Norilsk prison is missing

February 28 transactions carried out searches in the Directorate of the interior Ministry in the Krasnoyarsk territory in the framework of the criminal case initiated against the Deputy chief regional GU Ministry of internal Affairs the General-major Alexander Kuznetsov and released already retired Deputy chief of the organization of logistics GU MVD Colonel Andrei Petrochemi.
Show more… the Case opened under paragraph “C” of part 3 of article 286 of the RF criminal code (exceeding official powers inflicting grave consequences).

According to the UK, both helper at the end of 2012 signed a certificate of acceptance executed works on construction of the temporary detention facility of Department of internal Affairs of Norilsk, after which the settlement account regional police received more than 200 million rubles. However, work performed only at 8-10 million, Packed piles, ITT is not built until now.

Payment under the contract for the construction of the insulator thus produced for the actual backlog.

A pullback is in the 96% or some new technology development state funds? And why the airiness of the castle became clear only after five years?

Bids for the construction of the new dungeon of the MIA of the region held in July 2012 with an initial contract price of 402 million was Needed over three years to erect a three-storey (floor) building with 60 seats with an attached discharge gateway, room for dogs, cages for dogs, walking yard, enclosed with a fence height of 4.5 meters from the checkpoint. The competition was won by the Krasnoyarsk construction company — LLC “Vektor-95”, reduce the price to 372 million

In relation to the regional GU MVD in 2015 (when the jail was supposed to open the doors) performed 6 tests (4 of them unplanned). During this period, identified four violations — all in the past year. The police, however, emphasize that the case against Kuznetsova and Petrochemi initiated on the basis of materials provided by own security service of the Ministry of interior (Directorate General of internal security of Ministry of internal Affairs together with the operational-search part of own security of the regional Moi). And materials testing in 2015 was sent to the UK for adoption of the procedural decision. Against the Director of the construction company that erected the detention center, the case for fraud was opened a long time ago, a trial was held and the verdict: one and a half years in prison.

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Why the case against General Kuznetsov for so long did not give the move? And why give now?

Apparently, the pre-election situation and political reasons, in a high-profile searches more than real content. According to the “New” in the investigation is the following picture: the builders used the money on other items, but wine Kuznetsov that he too relied on subordinates who prepared the paper. Anyway, the suspects are not arrested, the post is not removed Kuznetsov.

At that time, when was signed the government contract for the construction of the Norilsk IVS, “Vector-95” was close to the provincial authorities and in full mastered budgetary funds — performed regional contracts, participated in the program of resettlement of citizens from shabby and emergency habitation. Many courts, allegations of kickbacks schematize and business are not disturbed. According to the help system Rusprofile, “Vector-95” still heads top 10 suppliers of research Affairs of the region; today it signed three contracts for 613 million, and “Vector-95” Moi, in turn, leads the top vendors. This strojirna been a supplier in 11 contracts worth $ 1.8 billion, but is now in the process of liquidation.

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Exactly the same pattern occurred, for example, the elevation of the “Vector-95” the new building of the Central district court of Krasnoyarsk — between the synagogue and the river Kacha: trading, reducing the “Vector” of starting price from 334 million to 263, signing papers with the regional management of Judicial Department, getting money from him (37 million), scored 86 piles and hi. The construction started in 2013, next year, the court had to judge in the new interiors, but the horse is not lying.

At a recent meeting in Krasnoyarsk Vladimir Putin was interested in the amounts, which still need the edge for the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, so that it is possible, a construction business from the “Vector” will emerge. Will not be the officials to transfer state funds to unverified companies?

And in less than a week before the noisy searches, February 22, the President signed decree No. 78 “On awarding military ranks of senior officers, and special ranks of senior officers”: the chief of police of the region Alexander Rechytsa has the next rank of Lieutenant General.

Notice that in Krasnoyarsk Rechitsa transferred to the end of 2016 from Adygea. Shortly after this appointment, on suspicion of extortion was arrested the Deputy chief of Department in Management of economic security and combating corruption of the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Andrey Abakanskogo, searches were held at the regional police chief for operations Edward Havasu.

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