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The government has gone into virtual reality

Правительство ушло в виртуальную реальность

Russia’s economy will not be commodities and non-production, and digital. The Russian government is surprised by the new program.

By order of July 28, 2017 No. 1632-R Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the program “Digital economy”, which the government believes will raise the lives of our citizens by 2024, to a qualitatively new level.

As explained by Deputy Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation for economic development, entrepreneurship, sphere of services and consumer market Ilya Semin, “the digitalization will lead to the growth of the economy,” ahead of us “improving the quality of life and well-being.” To build a life will begin in 2018, promises the document.


The entire program was developed by 150 experts. It turned out 87 pages. What seems a high quality of life of the Russians for the developers of the program from the government?

By 2024, the proportion of the population with digital skills will rise to 40 percent. The proportion of households having broadband access Network (100 Mbps) will increase to 97 percent. In all large cities (1 million or more) will be sustainable coating 5G and above.

Trams and other public transport will drive without drivers – manage them will be artificial intelligence.

To replace the teachers in the schools will also receive computers.

“In the “Digital economy” offers a synthesis of traditional and new technological possibilities, when a person builds a personal learning path for people, and artificial intelligence. Maybe now that sounds like science fiction, but in the development of the programme and this development”, – said the Director of Department of development of e-government Ministry of communications Vladimir Averbakh.

The program provides 100 percent translated to “figure” all documents in all state institutions, including municipal authorities and clinics.

In General, to paraphrase the hero of the famous film, will remain not “one big TV”, and “one big computer”.

Here only will that improve the lives of our citizens?


“It’s not just not raise the standard of living of the people, but will finish off the remnants of the industry! – said the head of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yury Krupnov. – The program puts in the forefront certain consumer needs, smartphones and iPhones, it is not proposing to build airplanes, turbines, ships and so on. In this sense, this is an outstanding antipropaganda program!”

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Krupnov says: the whole program is built on the Western thesis of the development of communication and Internet technology 30 years ago: “Our government is just a village and rewrote what I could. But that’s not the case, and that it in the West exists in a different industrial system, where there are Airbuses, and so on. And smartphones and mobile phones – is one hundredth of one percent. We have no planes, no machines, nothing! And instead to raise their production, we get some children’s fantasy about high speed Internet and mobile phones. This is a huge issue of the inadequacy of the authors of the program!”

Indeed, high-speed Internet is mostly Teens to play computer games-shooters. Maybe the developers of the program have not yet out of this age?Правительство ушло в виртуальную реальность

The metro train should come in time. And it runs the driver or artificial intelligence – is it important? The doctor should be able to treat the teacher to teach subjects, not to use a computer.


The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the program, promised that Russia will develop “quantum computers, which are now a lot of talk, but so far nobody has managed to create”.

In addition, the program promises “Neurotechnology and artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics and components sensing, the technology of virtual and augmented realities”.

There will be “no less than 10 national leaders – technology industries, developing “end-to-end” technology and management of digital platforms that operate on a global market and shaping system startups, research groups and industry organizations for the development of the digital economy”.

Vyacheslav Kuklin, President of Financial-industrial Alliance, highly doubt that for this purpose enough the claimed 100 billion: “Undoubtedly, the program will require additional infusions”.

“About the same thing we were already promised many years ago Anatoly Chubais nanotechnology and other breakthroughs. Here only the result is a “virtual reality”, it failed and billions of budget money”, – the sociologist Roman Zavalishin.

According to statistics, Russians eat meat, vegetables and fruits and drink less milk than people in Western countries. Worse treated, spend less on clothes, less travel. Every fifth Russian complains that he doesn’t have enough money for food. And almost none during the polls complained that it lacks artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet 5G and robot tram driver.

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“Our own government is already fully living in virtual reality,” says Zavalishin.


Indeed, according to statistics published in the program of the government, things with digital technology in Russia, without bad. So, for every hundred people we have 160 of mobile phones, mobile Internet access, use of 71.3% of the population. The average speed in the Network in Russia is 12.2 Mbps, and on this indicator Russia is on the same level with France, Italy and Greece!

Правительство ушло в виртуальную реальностьSo what’s the problem? Should the government break your head over it? Isn’t it better to think about the manufacturing, agriculture, not to swim in the “virtual reality”?

No, Dmitry Medvedev is sure that the happiness of the people is entirely dependent on the Russian translation of “the number”. In Russia should be formed by “digital environment”, which is now at the stage of development, the Prime Minister said: “we Need this movement to seriously speed up, will eliminate the existing barriers for the successful development of digital infrastructure.”

Economists, meanwhile, are wondering: Yes, there are small countries offshore, the economy of which are financial services, remote registration of legal entities and other “figure”. An economy, in principle, can be called digital. But the big countries with the dominance of electronic products in the economy in the world!

“In the field of digital technology and so we are not in last place, – says the head of the Agency “Russian law” Alexey Samohvalov. – The purpose of this program is unclear. We can pay via the Internet most services – to buy tickets, pay for utilities, etc. Banks with Internet banking provide loans, etc.”

And Alexey Voronin, co-founder of the investment Fund ICO Lab, doesn’t understand: “does it make sense to digitize all the paper documents? This is the weakest point in the program – the direction of “State regulation”.

However, state regulation in the Russian case, not only the program, but in General things are pretty bad. But well – with virtual reality.

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