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The government did not inherit

Власть ничего не наследует

The most important and the obscure feature of the modern political regimes, especially in Russia, is their amazing ability to do without historical traditions. To simulate continuity, to appeal publicly to a “legacy of antiquity”, to the “revolutionary alternatives” and so on, — always please. But, in fact, the government did not inherit anything from his past and does not appreciate and does not like. Because Russia is the “immigrant” country in the world: just roam its expanses lost in time and identities of citizens, and each head has its own, sacred and imaginary Russia. At the same time, it should be noted, such a system is quite technologically advanced, demonstrates remarkable flexibility and resilience in time and space. I think that the current Russian socio — political education, which does not hurt the image of his future; but live in it quite comfortably. Values, ideology, political institutions — all of it is instrumental, there is no visible and tangible support in anything. And kicking — alive! A sneaking fear that, here, the return to the monarchy, which I will with all my heart to support, and it turns out that it not “the renewal of history,” and the next performance in the national scenery.

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Already rotten and over the myths of fascism, communism, people’s democracy, of liberalism. A feather flew different conservatism and nationalism. So the myth of the historical national Russia might melt as snow. And why then wait? Digital doomsday with a customizable user interface that is very friendly?

Russia, give the answer. Is not the answer.

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