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The funding of science was reduced to the lowest in 10 years

Финансирование науки сократили до минимума за 10 лет

Despite plans to carry out a technological and economic “breakthrough” announced by President Vladimir Putin and fixed in the may decree 2018, the Russian government continues to reduce funding of scientific work outside the military-industrial complex.

By year-end 2017 from the Federal budget for civil science was allocated 377,9 billion rubles, follows from the calculations of the Higher school of Economics.

The amount is 2.7% of the budget is three times less than the state spends on providing government officials and restriction of state power (1.2 trillion roubles), and 13 times less than the expenditure on the army and police (almost 5 trillion rubles).

Compared with the year 2016 funding for citizen science dropped nominally by 24.8 billion, or 6.3%, when compared with the pre-crisis level (2014) – by 13.5%, or 59.4 per billion.

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If we consider the inflation rate of 133% over the past 10 years, and calculate the allocations for science in constant prices, their real reduction reaches 29.7 per cent in the last 4 years.

The volume of budget support applied research for civil purposes is reduced gradually starting in 2014, indicates the main expert of the Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge HSE Tatiana Ratay.

On average, every year science is deprived of 8.4% of state funding, and its current volume – the minimum for 10 years.

Финансирование науки сократили до минимума за 10 лет


While more than half (55,5% in 2017) of the allocated funds “eat” applied research in the field of the national economy – that is, reports on how to speed up stagnating growth.

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In applied research in the field of medicine, such as the development of new drugs or methods of treatment takes only 5% of the appropriation.

In the budget for the next three years, laid a further reduction in the expenditure on the civil science even in nominal terms, says the HSE.

With 377,9 billion last year funding will be cut to by 369.4 billion in the current year, 358 billion in 2019 and 351,3 billion in 2020.

However, the cost structure will change: the share of basic research will increase to 40.2 to 43.5%, while the share of investments in medicine will increase to 6.2%.

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