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The food at the table and snack on the go for different satisfy his hunger

Еда за столом и перекус на ходу по разному утоляют голод

Researchers from the University of Surrey found that snack on the go satisfies hunger not as if you eat food sitting at the table, even if it contains the same amount of calories.

The study showed that when people think about their food as “snack”, they consume 50% more food than if they thought of it as “food”.

Experts believe that people mentally “swallow up” their meals. So when they sit down to eat one of the dishes, they don’t need to eat again for several hours. But if people eat on the go, they do not notice the food and feel that they still need to eat.

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The study involved 80 women. They were given macaroni and Tesco. Scientists said it was a “snack” or “food.” The participants had to eat standing up and to make it out of plastic dishes, or have her sitting, but from ceramic plates with metal Cutlery. When they finished their meal, each participant was sent into the second room to participate in the “taste test” of various unhealthy products.

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Scientists have found that people who ate “snack” ate more food in a subsequent “taste test” than people who believed that they ate “food”. This, despite the fact that they initially consumed the same amount of calories.

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