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The first tour of trump: the results

Первое турне Трампа: итоги

The President of the United States Donald trump is back home after completing his first tour abroad, during which he may 20-27, visited the middle East, and the summits of NATO and the G7.

Riyadh: the Arabs swarmed at the feet of the Caliph trump

Meeting in al-Riyadh showed that the Arab world and the Sunni leaders see the United States the main prop and support, and ready for good relations with Washington and with any his head to go all out. Here trump was waiting with a warm welcome: Sunni leaders prostrated himself at the feet of trump, and his wife and La Juive daughter Ivanka dust, as before the feet of the Caliph. They let Trump and his entourage to violate all Islamic laws to flout all the norms. If he expressed the desire to see Mecca, where the entrance is strictly forbidden to non-Muslims, it probably would have driven there. Sunni licking trump’s boots and shoes of his wife in the truest sense of the word.

And trump said they favor: slavish obedience was handsomely rewarded. Trump made a deal with Saudi Arabia, signed an unprecedented agreement. Thus, communication between Washington and the Arab pole of radical Sunni Islam were confirmed and strengthened.

Competent geopolitics was never in any doubt that radical Islam is a tool of American hegemony, subimperialism proxy. Celebrate trump with 50 servility of the leaders of the Arab Sunnis once again confirmed it. Three hundred and fifty billion dollars are now spent to support the banned in Russia, Islamic State, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and build a Sunni Salafi pole against Iran and Russia, and Turkey. For three hundred billion dollars Wahhabi videoteca all – not only uncovered the head of the first lady of the United States.

From the point of view of the tramp it was partly logical, partly not. On the one hand, he has always acted against Iran and Shiites, so its anti-Iranian rhetoric was traditional, but with drchau hand, he proposed to do away with the Islamic State (banned in Russia), but in fact gave him unlimited funding. Now that was at odds with his earlier statements.

Put it all together — logical and illogical for trump’s part — we get the classical model of Atlanticist geopolitics: the civilization of the Sea relies on radical Islam in the struggle against the civilization of the land, the allies of which are the Shiites. There is the return of geopolitics.

Israel: certainly not the Messiah

In Israel, however, trump met more discreetly. Despite the consent of the Israelis to act in concert with the Saudis and the radical Sunnis against Iran and Hezbollah, and against Assad in Syria, trump was not greeted as a Messiah, although according to some Jewish caballito 45 th President of the United States and would have to be the promised “Messiah.” But this did not dare to utverjdat even marginal. Israeli society is divided: the conservatives, and especially Netanyahu himself, see the trump chance to strengthen its position in the regional context, and the Israeli liberals antaranews repeat the rhetoric of their American sister-globalists.

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As a result, visit trump in Israel passed in dignity and peace. The Jews met “big brother”, which is traditionally considered to be a complete idiot, but try not to show.

The meeting with Abbas, also came a Protocol. Trump did not meet expectations, neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians, having taken a position nor yours, nor ours, and so held all previous presidents.

Trump and (not his) Daddy

Was not sensational and the trump meeting with the Pope. Trump is Protestant, and the Protestants, especially the radical — the Pope is a sort of Antichrist figure and is considered to be unpleasant, dark and sinister. The Pope with his party during the election campaign called Trump “not Christian” because of his attacks on Latino-Americans (the Pope is Latin American) and the idea of the great Wall with Mexico.

It is significant that to meet the Pope-the female half of the suites of trump wore mourning veils: respecting Christian leader (though not Protestant), and even more humiliating Sunni Arabs, toptv them in asphalt – $ 350 billion allow us to do anything. Armed American Caliph they will take it out on Christians and Shiites, that is, partly on subjects of the same Pope. This Tramplike voyage acquired an additional special and a sinister bloody hue.

The murder of the Copts in Egypt are Christians, a symbol of what’s to come.

Characteristically, about Pope Francis was sullen, and trump was laughing and smiling. With this mournful face of his family looked back to Dad (a funeral), but not the husband and father (club of merry gentlemen).

G7: alienation

At the summit of the group of Seven, trump met with no enthusiasm, trying all kind show that the club of great powers, of course, recognizes it, but still in shock from the fact that in the election campaign trump has challenged the global status quo and globalization, which is an untouchable sacred value of the world’s political elite. Trump was clearly a stranger among complete alterglobalists kind of screws the World Government, and looked a little ridiculous — like a squirrel in a transformer box.

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The key to a great Six (excluding the United States) trump and his advisers never found and most likely were not looking. Here he was acting as a realist in MO among liberals in MO, that is, the inertia of the election campaign made itself felt. Compared to the hype neftedollarov Arabs and even sravnenii with respectful indifference of Israelis reception trump Western leaders was contrastingly cold. They have forgotten nothing and nothing he will not forgive. And also I’m afraid its not predictable like before. The swamp doesn’t trust Trump, and nothing has changed here.

NATO and the tramp: all you have to pay

Apparently discouraged by the second part of the trip, trump the NATO summit he remembered the good old election campaign. Realizing that the battle was over, and the global elite it still will not accept it again: started all shove, pull up, to kill and to scare. His statement that all NATO countries will have to pay for all the assistance provided by the United States, caught the leaders of NATO by surprise. Then trump was a businessman. He has spent the entire positive part of the balance on the first day of the trip on the Arabs and the dance of the swords, and now to cover the cost have all other NATO members that were counting on the opposite.

Trump declared that the enemies of NATO are:

terrorism (which he a few days earlier has generously funded)

migration (which is the most important part of his populist program) and Russia (it had to be added to weaken the attacks in the United States – after returning to Washington dangerously close).

From migration, pokorobilo Junkers, but have not touched the Tusk, and from Russia as the enemy Tusk, on the contrary brightened up, Junkers shrugged.

American freak, thought the European leaders.

Meeting in Washington

Judging by the reaction of the American press to the American political elite big impressions on a trip trump is not made. It began as a tour of the century and the summit of the “Antichrist” in the style of film “the omen.” It ended a more down to earth. Trump is still the pariah of the global elite, remains unpredictable, although more inclined to the traditional American rulers Atlanticism – in some apsect with great pace and determination.

Home trump waited rabid journalists from CNN, new challenges for interrogation on the trail of a nonexistent Russian hackers his son-in-law and a boycott from the deep state (Deep State).

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