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The first signs of diabetes you shouldn’t miss

Первые признаки диабета, которые нельзя пропуститьMany people are genuinely surprised to discover that they have, it turns out, diabetes!

Having come to the doctor complaining of fatigue or back pain, they learn about the disease.

But if we were a little closer to your body, diabetes it would be possible to detect at an early level of its development, thus reducing the risk of exacerbation of the disease. Learn about warning signs that indicate that you need to take a blood sugar!

Sign 1

Do you often have dry mouth, you almost always want to drink? It may be a signal that blood glucose and body, trying to bring glucose levels to normal, gives the signal to “dilute” and bring it together with the liquid. Diabetic person is able to drink up to 10 liters of water a day!

Characteristic 2

Of course, the more water you drink, the more often I run to the bathroom. Excessive loads can suffer kidneys, which are working in emergency mode, because they have to excrete excess glucose. Excessive amounts of protein in the urine interferes with the normal filtration in the kidneys, that increases the level of toxins in the blood. The most unpleasant thing about this is that even after you start to regulate sugar levels by using medicine, the kidney damage is not going anywhere, you will have to treat them.

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Sign 3
Weakness and fatigue

If your load has not changed, but you are feeling constantly tired and broken, even vysypany and normal eating, cheerleaders: weakness can be caused by excess sugar in the blood. The fact that when disturbed the process of transporting glucose into the cells of the body, they receive less energy, so you feel tired. In addition, the lack of energy makes you more often than usual, is: it seems that hunger is stalking you all the time!

Sign 4
Numbness and tingling of extremities

This symptom may indicate nerve damage caused by diabetes. The fact that glucose acts on the nerves like acid, corroding them. The destruction of the delicate nerve endings occurs primarily on the fingers and toes. That is why you may feel numbness, tingling, itching and other strange feelings.

Sign 5
Problems with vision

Recently you not clearly see the surrounding objects? This may be a direct result of excess sugar in the blood. The tiny capillaries located in the eye, suffer from free radicals, but usually the body can cope with this problem. If the level of glucose in the blood is elevated, the capillaries become damaged and you have eye drops.

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Sign 6
Skin problems

When you have diabetes on the body may appear dark spots, generally in places where there are folds in the armpits, on the neck, joints, groin. Outwardly, it looks like that in the crease look dirty, however, wash it you can’t. Sometimes there may be dark spots and other skin areas. This suggests that your body produces too much insulin to protect from excessive blood sugar.

Sign 7

Often if you have diabetes as comorbidities occur urinary tract infection, vaginal infections. In addition, if a person has increased blood sugar, any, even the smallest wound is healing much slower, and it can easily get any infection.

Sign 8
Weight loss

Let’s say you wanted to lose a few pounds, but nothing specially did not. You ate and moved as usual, but for some reason began to lose weight. Do not hurry to rejoice: alas, at elevated sugar levels, you don’t lose fat, and muscle tissue. With no sources of energy are not getting glucose from the blood, the body begins to “pull” energy from muscle, destroying them.

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