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The fate of the villain: as Rostov the Great Rostov became Poor

Судьба - злодейка: как Ростов Великий превратился в Ростов Убогий

The city, which should be a tourist Mecca of Russia, Ekes out a miserable condition

About the strangeness of Russian life, when the city with its beautiful architecture and wonderful history instead of flourish, striking squalor and poverty, wrote a poignant post in FB writer Kate Picic:

“Rostov is a very sad. As Russia of Russophobic demotivators about tractors stuck in the mud, and all sorts of rickety fences. Visually, there’s something kind of nineties. Such aesthetics of depression. Moreover, the human trouble – no, on the contrary, neither the homeless nor drunk, nor flocks Gopnik, from which I would like to go to the other side of the street, nor Shalmanov with loud music or anything. Another depression – the silence, the loneliness, the sinking. Abandoned construction sites. Wasteland. Unfinished, kind of silly broken fences. The pile of debris. Flooded meadows, stagnant water blooming. Skewed in all directions of the wooden house. Something very cinematic, the number of timber frame houses burning. Ashes. Or just collapsed at home for who knows how long lying in a heap of rotten planks mixed with rags, sofas and iron. The market working day in the week. The smell of old wooden sheds, cat urine and mold. Silence. Almost always – silence. And the voices of children playing in the silence, like something breaking from the other – Bang, and frozen like jelly, silence falls with the expansion ball. The abandonment. Infernal, virtually. Causing the deepest anguish. That sort of anguish, which is similar to alcohol withdrawal tremor – when scared as in childhood, is when you realize crystal clear that all will die. And that’s your hands you see that are holding something, they will not. Now they are. And then – no.

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Судьба - злодейка: как Ростов Великий превратился в Ростов Убогий 

Судьба - злодейка: как Ростов Великий превратился в Ростов Убогий 

Судьба - злодейка: как Ростов Великий превратился в Ростов Убогий 


The people living there deserve something completely different. Fish, smoked. Scarves painted. Brandy is made, probably the toughest in the world. Temples save on their own. Sensible taxi drivers. Sympathetic pharmacists. Two restaurants in this tiny town – the highest level. In Moscow never eat. The service makes an impression. No arrogance, nor Vice versa – no imitation of servility, for none of the usual places, feeding from tourists, uchasti and naperstochnikom, all in a very friendly way, of course, and so, like all restaurateurs would like to have them was when the waiter like a friend you came to visit, you will be treated, but you can chat at the same time. In any Museum, nor a single episode of rudeness or even indifference. Yes, the place is in itself a it has just created in order to grew a garden city. The entire slope leading to the lake, supposed to be strewn with bright houses with architraves and cockerels. The dome must Shine. The embankment should be beaches, umbrellas, chairs, marinas, catamarans, boats, hot corn, ice cream, and outdoor cafes. There along the shores from any point of the murderous look. Beauty – rolls. All done to make money fruitful and multiply. There is a mini-hotel should be at a mini-hotel in three layers. And somehow everything as it is…”

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