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The fate of the ruble

1) the fate of the ruble. A lot of questions. Forecast. The long trend is the same, to weaken. Can bounce back, as it was twice in 2015 and 2016 From 65 to 70 RUB, presumably. At 56-60. no returns — not beneficial to anyone.

2) Frequently asked. If you are in roubles and do not know what to do, usually helps — part of the currency of the leave in rubles. Better endure fluctuations.

3) Russia, at least tens of billions of dollars in cash. About half of them in Moscow. The fate of the Euro in Russia should be easier.

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4) Two years wrote that the dollar risks of bans. Now, it seems officials are competing with each other as part of the “de-dollarization”. This is a great intervention against the currency and reset rubles.

5) foreign Currency deposits in Russia — to 5.5 trillion rubles., the ruble — 27 trillion (July 2018). Foreign currency deposits are not that easy to handle. Risky.

6) 60% of foreign currency deposits is located in Moscow (Bank of Russia). Can and rock the boat in Moscow.

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7) Deposits of legal entities in foreign currency — to 4.5 trillion rubles in rubles — RUB 7.8 trillion (July 2018, the Bank of Russia). Comparable.

8) you Can declare the limit of the dollar as much as necessary — but it is a heavy social and economic solution.

9) It is the largest, poorly predictable consequences. Authorities must be scared to touch.

10) They should be more careful. Can dramatically increase the instability.

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