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The extinction of the country will stop migrants: why the Russian economy of foreign labor force

Вымирание страны остановят мигранты: зачем российской экономике иностранная рабочая сила

Do happen in life events, which is warming to the heart! Despite the machinations of various enemies, the economy is picking up. The population increases as life expectancy. Basically, though, a small circle of wealthy citizens, which are “terribly far from the people”! (And continue to leave.)

Apparently, in the light of this good news Ministry of labor regularly reduces quotas for foreign labour. Obviously, in order to further stabilization and economic recovery. For 2018 it is proposed to reduce quotas by 20 percent and adopt the figure of 140 thousand 423 people. Also recently, our country has attracted more than 400 thousand people.

It was nice that the officials are so filigree (up to three people) has estimated the needs of the domestic economy in foreign labour force. And then at different levels often heard saying that visitors from Central Asia and other neighboring countries taking jobs from ordinary Russian workaholic. It is time to stop this vicious practice.

However, all this rainbow chorus of groans and darkens grim reality, which is not very friendly with officialdom. The problem is not just the economy — our country is slowly and steadily dying out! And this is not a fantasy, libel, slander, or slander of the respectable people of Antioch, but a harsh reality.

Long been known that the main resource and wealth of the country — not oil, not gas, not coal, not diamonds, not gold, wood, ore or other minerals, and people people. With this resource the last quarter century we have just trouble! At some point, the Russians suddenly lost interest in reproduction. Polls childless couples have shown that the main cause is lack of money. In second place is the reluctance to have children and to spend time on their education. That is selfishness or hedonism — as you like! Completing the top three health problems. Studies show that in our country, as in the rest of the world, a growing number of infertile men. Almost a fifth of young couples are unable to conceive because of a strong half. On fertility have a negative impact bad habits, alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise…

If you believe the report of the world health organization, Russian men barely live to 62 years. In reality even less. Sadly, this is the lowest level among the countries of Europe and Central Asia. For comparison, the Japanese live on average to 84 years, Israel — 80,1 years, the Spanish — 78.8 years, Britain is 78.4.

Moreover, our country is among the ten countries with the lowest ratio of the number of people of working age and pensioners. Contain one pensioner today accounts for 2.4 busy. In the USA this figure is equal to 4,4, and in China 3.5.

For the six months of this year, the natural population decline (the difference between the born and the departed to another world) made in Russia 119 thousand people. From 2014 to 2016 was a small baby boom due to which there has been a natural increase of 30 thousand souls annually. That is, if this trend continues, in ten years we would have an increase of 300 thousand people.

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Not so much when compared with the rate of reproduction in other countries. In India or China, the area of which almost half, to 2.7 billion inhabitants. In Indonesia 255 million in the Philippines — 100, and in Vietnam, more than 90 million people. But the three last countries is almost ten times less than in Russia. Obviously, if nothing changes, in the future we may have problems not only with protecting their own borders, but with banal shortage of manpower for management and maintenance of the vast country.

According to scientists, the Russian economy, if the task of its development, it is simply impossible to abandon the migrant labour. Especially in areas where the Russian young people are not very eager, — housing, construction, agriculture, construction and repair works, industrial enterprises, as operators, fitters. That is, migrants fill those niches where there is a shortage of workers. Therefore, it is not clear the position of the Ministry of labour at the gradual reduction of quotas for foreigners. Perhaps solved some immediate tactical objectives, but strategically, the country is losing, and refusing entry of able-bodied people of reproductive age who not only support the domestic economy, but also have a serious impact on the demographic situation.

There is a statistical table of the population dynamics graph, which is called the “total increase”. So, this figure is almost ten times higher than the natural rate and is achieved solely by… workers. Every year the population of Russia is about 300 thousand souls increases at the expense of the former citizens of the CIS. And whether you want to give them up, fearing that will change over time, a national map of the country — the big question!

Today there are few state entities with a mono-ethnic composition, and even fewer among them who included in the list of successful and highly developed. On the contrary, almost all hypereconomy developed countries “Big seven”, are today a multi-ethnic population. And for this reason there is not much worried.

Moreover, in many countries, almost defiantly emphasize the fact that happy legal migrants contributing to their economies. In Austria, for example, approved an official holiday — the Day of the migrant. The author of these lines was a witness, as head of state almost the whole day spent in festive events together with people from different countries the new citizens of Austria, which gave the event a special touch. King Philippe of Belgium on one of the days of Ramadan came to visit in a Muslim family to the ceremony and iftar together with the head of the family and his eight sons made a meal after sunset. This was a landmark event for the entire Muslim population of the country.

Despite the many problems in France, too, there are a number of measures to promote integration of immigrants of the countries of the Maghreb in their new homeland. Even in Italy, has traditionally been opposed to excessive immigration policy of the EU, on the roof of Parliament stands a huge poster “Hello worker!”.

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In short, no one shouts here: “Rome for the Romans”, “Austria — German”, “China for the Han Chinese” or “Enough to feed Texas.” No one turns on the TV commercials with the slogan “Clean the streets from garbage”, illustrating the sequence of dark-skinned fellow citizens! There such it is impossible to imagine, and we have quite!

Thus, the masses get a signal, a message that migrants to Russia, especially migrants, are not very welcome, not ours, someone else’s, once. Therefore, the attitude to them, to put it mildly, peculiar. Not only from the employees of the interior Ministry and the Federal migration service but also employers, who often throw migrants with payment. For example, the newcomers worked for some time, passed the object, and then as if on cue there is a “Sonderkommando” and starts scaring the poor fellows, so they will not be tempted to someone to complain. This is not isolated cases, and long-used practice of “reducing costs” unscrupulous Russian businessmen. And conscientious, as we know, among them not so much.

The problems migrants begin as soon as they cross the Russian border. Immediately, visitors are faced with aggressive attitude at all levels. If you had an emergency with their participation, this fact received wide publicity in the media. This creates the myth that all the ills of our guests! Without them, life would be much calmer and more fun. Although it is known that Asians and Caucasians, even taken together, do not give a tenth of crime statistics in Russia!

Not so long ago was the big story when the staff of chop was severely beaten the citizen of Tajikistan Navruz Karimova, who allegedly did not pay 400 roubles a day fees. The guy was making, transporting goods on a cart in one of the shopping centers. According to relatives, she was noticed by taxi drivers at the dump with no signs of life. The young man was wrapped in white cloth, as if for burial according to Muslim custom. They say that the guards wanted a way to absolve themselves of responsibility and blame it on relatives. But Karimov came to consciousness and told me who beat him. Representatives of Tajik public are assured that during the last three years were killed or injured, 17 of their compatriots. However, investigations in which the affected migrants are neither good nor bad.

Apparently, the story of Karimov, too, will not be continued. As admitted to journalists the President of Federation of migrants of Russia Vadim Kořenov, “the migrant, which is considered affected, the injury is not discovered, the fact of beating was not confirmed”. Therefore, no one to blame and for what to punish!

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