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The economy curve reporting

Экономика кривой отчетности

Member of the Central headquarters of the popular front (onf) Eduard Gavrilov angrily voiced the truth: “In the Ivanovo region paramedic with 39 years of experience receives 13 thousand rubles per month, a General practitioner with 35 years of experience and 18 thousand.”

The survey data onf showed that 22% of workers wages in the first quarter of 2018 was less than 25 thousand rubles. 32% received at the hands of up to 30 thousand. Salary from 40 to 55 thousand can boast of only 19%. Salary more than 80 thousand of these are isolated cases: General medicine, big boss…

Actually, why the onf began to resent the buzz? The fact that, according to Rosstat, in January 2018, the doctor receives an average of 72 thousand rubles per month, the average medical personnel — 36 thousand, the youngest – 33.5 thousand. In 2018 in many regions the salaries of health workers on paper – suddenly increased nearly doubled.

Onf explained how officials could declare such high salaries. Here are just a few of these above. “For example, a cardiologist gets 30 thousand rubles. It transferred part-time, and in the statement write the number two times more.”

Every fifth took part in the survey the doctor has to look for jobs and often left work after the daily duty.

Junior medical composition, in order not to spoil the small salaries of nurses overall picture, mass transfer in cleaners. Finally sometimes the doctors decided on an extreme measure. To target specific head of state figures in the salary of healthcare workers, they make out loans…

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Perhaps the only region that managed to meet and even to exceed the may decrees – Moscow. According to the head of capital Department of health Alexei Khripun, the minimum wage of workers in March amounted to 68 thousand. The average salary of doctors – 136 thousand rubles, nurses – 73 thousand. Capital allowances they get for the intensity of work and level of qualification: “the hospital can be a few dozen surgeons, but only four or five will be able to do resection of the stomach.” Well, Moscow has always been a special article…

Following the meeting in onf, it was decided to establish a working group that will monitor the real level of wages of doctors and will prevent additions. Isn’t that wonderful? There Rosstat – and costs the country dearly, but his data is so absurd and divorced from reality that public organizations have to make their statistics agencies…

The state lies. A life is humanly the authorities can not but admit it is not wanted. And went in the end by drawing easy pictures. The same applies to raising the retirement age, which has become virtually inevitable.

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Here is a typical explanation: “the Current standards of retirement was laid in 30-e years when the average life expectancy was 40 years. Since then, we have to live longer and better, so come out early retirement – invalid unnecessary spending of public money…”

Income due to the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation – is also invalid, since they affect the very wealthy, which in today’s Russia can not touch it by definition…

Well, in fact, if you make retirement at 80 years of age – can be really considerable pay pensions to those who survive. The envy of the world – say in Russian pensioners like cheese in butter rolls around, the benefit of them.

And if you make retirement in 100 years, the report can be record, which is what we million a month to each pensioner is not sorry! How many of them live to 100? Not scanty Treasury and reporting at all to paint with all the colors of the rainbow!..

Actually, of course, all this cheating with the numbers get really ugly. Because it tightens, the government is losing a sense of reality and could not see how you crossed the red line.

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