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The digital economy in Russian?

In the morning received a TEXT with a reminder to pay debts over the phone. Couldn’t log in Rostelecom, to determine the causes of debts, the system says that my phone number no email. address that come every month and accounts from Rostelecom does not exist and in General I’m a NOBODY. Twice called on the Federal line tech support, both times connected with the Department of work with legal entities. Achieved nothing, raised my blood pressure, but not a member, swore and said this is not erect.

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Maybe it’s the revenge of the pioneers of digitalization of Rostelecom since a month ago, after connection, interactive television, found that I, without notice, switched the budget fare on the road. Then I didn’t call and just went to my account and returned the installation to their original positions.

Heartfelt greetings from the Far East, the whole Izzy.

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