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The deputies proposed to legalize the sale of mushrooms

In Russia it is planned to develop the collection of berries, mushrooms, birch bark and other forest resources through a system of cooperation. The corresponding bill was prepared and submitted by a group of deputies of the state Duma.

The bill aims to address gaps in legal regulation and to create mechanisms that enable citizens to ensure the collection and sale of “non-timber and non-timber forest products” for commercial purposes. As specified in the explanatory note to the bill, non-timber and food resources include mushrooms, birch bark, pine needles, birch SAP, berries,moss.

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“The proposed bill will provide the necessary legal framework for the development and realization of the potential of the sector of harvesting and processing non-wood and food forest resources, collection of medicinal plants, as well as solving social problems, contributing to the development of self-employment and the creation of additional jobs for rural residents”, — noted in the explanatory Memorandum.

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The bill requires the development of the industry through the sale of products using buying offices and processing resources in the system of co-operatives. According to the authors, once the legal issues are clarified, it is possible to use measures of state support and promotion of new brands of mushrooms and other forest resources on the Russian and world stage.

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