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The dark past of Karl Marx

Темное прошлое Карла Маркса

The founder of communism lasted a year in the University of Bonn. During this time he managed to join the company of poets and secret Corporation students and go to jail. For what?

Темное прошлое Карла Маркса

Entry on the conclusion of Karl Marx in the hole. The original is kept in the Museum of the University of Bonn

Dark-haired young man with sideburns, breaking the peace and quiet of the city at night and being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, was sent to solitary confinement for a day. 17-year-old boy would later become the founder of communism and write “Capital”. And yet, as a student, its main principle is to enjoy life. Drink, walk and have fun.

The prison where Karl Marx spent the day

In the night from 16 to 17 June 1836 Karl Marx (Karl Marx) was imprisoned in solitary confinement. It’s been more than 180 years, and this page in the biography of the German philosopher little known.

In the Museum of the University of Bonn, where you can see original documents, wanting to know more of this juicy story, every year more and more. Especially tourists from China. First, though, all of them waiting for a big disappointment – the solitary confinement, where Karl Marx was serving a sentence, no longer exists. Now here is one of the research institutes of the University. The main building, which was this building was badly damaged during the Second world war. However, even earlier, in the 19th century, the city administration has destroyed all traces of the student prison, and ordered to paint the walls of the hole, while the hole in Heidelberg, preserved wall paintings, is one of the main attractions of the city.

Темное прошлое Карла Маркса

The only image extant, lithography medical student Joseph Neunzig (Joseph Neunzig).

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Back to the German philosopher. In 1835 Karl Marx arrived at the Rhine University of Friedrich Wilhelm in Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn). He was the same age as the University. The young man decided to study law, and this University over its 17-year history has already established itself among scientists and researchers. Bonn was relatively free city, for demagoguery here is not strictly pursued. Perhaps the only limitation of the freedom of the students was a ban on student corporations (Studentenverbindungen). When Karl Marx began his studies at the University officially there was no such Association. However, young people met in secret, made joint visits in the area. One of the societies founded by students from Trier. In him and joined the young Karl Marx.

Poet and troublemaker

About his student’s success in Bonn, little is known. He regularly attended lectures. However, they were not so much. Karl Marx chose only a few, and they were not all in the specialty. For example – lectures on Mineralogy, which he, however, was ignored. In his gradebook this subject then even deleted. Much more important for the young Karl Marx was his fellowship with students from Trier and membership in the society of poets. The founder of communism wrote poetry in his student years in Bonn, which he sent home. And although they were very ordinary, his father Heinrich Marx (Heinrich Marx) they still liked it better than his son’s passion for beer.

Темное прошлое Карла Маркса

Record Book Of Karl Marx

But Karl Marx loved poetry and the prose of life. He lived in the heart of Bonn and was a regular at the tavern, which has housed a pizzeria. One night, pretty tipsy, young philosopher walked home. On the way he was stopped by the guards. The hole was immediately nearby. For breach of peace and intoxication he was put on the day.

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Piano camera!

“For students it was a matter of honor to get into the hole. They deliberately provoke the police to get punished,” – says the Director of the Museum of the University of Bonn Thomas Becker (Thomas Becker) in an interview with DW. Mostly they were punished by deprivation of liberty for 24 hours, for more serious offenses – participate in duels – for 14 days. If you were wounded, this period could be doubled.

“Young people insult each other, they often say “You stupid boy” and caused the enemy to a duel,” – said the head of the Museum. It was just a representation of the theatre. In a duel they were to wound an enemy in the head – to scratch, to prick, while remaining absolutely stationary. The highest manifestation of courage would not waver. Karl Marx in duels was not involved.

According to Thomas Becker, the punishment was to be severe. “But we are talking about the inhabitants of the Rhenish cities, says Thomas Becker. – The punishment was in their spirit. In the hole stood a bed without a mattress, very hard. First, what did the prisoners, they were told to bring the mattress out of the Dorm, then they ordered drinks and food.” So what was in the hole, the future founder of communism? Like all day he took a walk, met with the girls, and in the evening ate and drank. “One student from Austria said that he brought a piano in solitary confinement,” says the Director of the Museum. In the student prison, they were fun.

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