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The Committee on morals

Комитет по нравственности

Another day lost to the country. Languages wasted chatted, and the Committee on morals and not created.

It turns out that only two people got to understand the true role of cinema in Russia. Vladimir Lenin, who understood that it is of all arts the most important for Russians thing, and Elena Drapeko, the beating of the Committee of morality in the movie.

But I think I already was late! Half-measures now will not do. With the movie, of course, Drapeko law and why its there to protect the morality of betting. While at this place of the chair, or even more so Panin, not dropped. But the gap is not only in the movie broken!

And in the theatrical craft what is happening?! A different art gallery is it not possible to mutilation to chastity? But all of these Turki-bees, starting with kindergarten? A recent obscenity in flight Ulyanovsk school, covering the whole of Russia up to the seniors?

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No need to bigger problem to come! You need to start with the creation of the Committee on ethics under the President of the Russian Federation. And much of it vertical and horizontals to let the committees and in the movies, and other branches of art and education, and, of course, in the supervision of the media.

I would think that labor groups to circumvent should not be. No matter what form of ownership applies production asset, private or public, and the post of Deputy Director of morality, be kind, enter.

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Here in this approach, the status of morality and morality can still somehow correct. Most importantly with the Chairman of the Committee not to miss.

Spring MP all good but very her habits Commissar, and then morality — a matter thin.

The Deputy Poklonskaya opposite: the manner of communication is smooth, up to shyness, and appearance of angels, but the character is still bland.

Then Senator Mizulina should be put, no one else. But do not pull with this case. Just before the election — and the Committee, and Mizulina. The people will support. Because for Russians there is nothing more important than preserving morality, morality and spirituality.


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