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The commentator Gennady Orlov has appeared in the scandal center because of an open camera

Комментатор Геннадий Орлов оказался в центре скандала из-за невыключенной камеры

Well-known sports commentator Gennady Orlov found himself in the center of the scandal: because if you leave the camera on the sidelines transmission everyone knew that the channel “Match TV” went bankrupt, having spent over a year and a half the three-year budget, and the eagles placed in state. Got and Roman Rotenberg, who believes the eagles uneducated person.

In the Internet appeared the video of an informal conversation before the shooting with the commentators Alex antonovym and Kirill Dementiev. Orlov himself claims that this is a provocation and brazenly mounted the manipulation of sound.

“And Tina and they even bankrupted “Match TV”, I am also marrying the state, as most commentators. Maybe one of Karpin will remain. The three-year budget for the half year was spent,” says a man like Gennady Sergeevich.

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He also shared his opinion about the closing ceremony at the Barvikha season of the Continental hockey League, where in one of the categories, the KHL has named the best Director of the season as Vice-President of SKA Roman Rotenberg: “They give a funny prize to the best Director of the club Roman Rotenberg. I went to him without a sympathetic, uneducated people”.

Full version behind the scenes interviews:



Later Gennady Orlov apologized to the leadership and staff of the TV channel “Match TV” for the situation that arose after the publication of the video with his participation.

“I have already several media outlets reported anything about any bankruptcy of the “Match TV” in any transfer I did not say. This is a provocation. Brazenly mounted the manipulation of sound. Apologize and leadership and all employees “Match”. I am sure that the fabricated setup to answer those who made it” – quoted Orlov in the press release “Match TV”.

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There it is reported that no large-scale reductions of the sub-holding “GPM Match” is not planning.

“I appeared “Vkontakte”, and during the time of the broadcast, this was not, then was this a clandestine shot, where something was remontiroval, explained Orlov in an interview with TASS. – Could my words – today the technique is. I interview nobody gave about “Match TV” not a word is said. Some bastard did it.”

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