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The cold war is already here: is Russia ready for a long game

Холодная война уже здесь: готова ли Россия к долгой игре

In Moscow do not hide that the estimate of the current state of Affairs in relations with the United States as the cold war. Previously, this terminology was trying to avoid all the same — they say that there is no confrontation between the two systems, so that as the cold war?

The day before, speaking in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the situation in relations between Russia and the USA are extremely difficult and complicated. “For our part, we continue patiently and in virtually all contacts to explain American colleagues that there are certain fundamental principles without the observance of which is normal to build a relationship impossible,” Ryabkov said. And gently added, “we may have entered a period, in many aspects comparable to the cold war.”

Earlier, note, and Russian officials, and their American (and only American) colleagues tried to avoid statements about a new cold war. However, the point of such behavior is almost gone. Desire just close your eyes and admit the obvious does not mean that the problem thus solved…

But what is this “certain fundamental principles”? According to Sergei Ryabkov, is including “equality and consideration of each other’s interests”, “Without a mutual respect for these principles to move towards improvement of relations, which is in deep crisis, it is simply impossible”.

The only question is that the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov about the equality and the interests of said at every meeting with the American Secretary of state — that the old John Kerry that the current Rex Tillerson. That’s just something it’s not like Washington is ready to accept it. And not only that, by the way, in Washington — but more on that later.

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According to Sergei Ryabkov, is not yet clear when relations between the two countries make a change for the better. Obviously, not in the coming months. In Moscow believe that in the beginning of next year we should expect another round of sanctions pressure from the United States. About it “the Truth.Ru” earlier it was reported — some domestic “fighters against the regime” for some time troubled with making different kinds of lists, hoping in this way to draw attention to themselves. In addition, the fall of 2018, the U.S. will be mid-term elections to Congress. What about in the American press supported a moderate degree of hysteria regarding the inevitable intervention of Russia.

But our country is not less important relationship with the European Union and individual European States. And maybe more. Moreover, the points of contact are available. For example, on Tuesday, the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel said that the new package of American sanctions against Russia could hit German interests. It primarily on projects in the energy sector. This is a known point of view, the rejection of US sanctions in Germany and France have said last summer when the bill was considered in Congress.

It is clear that this dissatisfaction more from the category of “why weren’t we consulted?”. And rely on the fact that the same Germany will seriously undertake to counteract the plans of the United States, would be naive.

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“I don’t see how the EU can agree on a new policy of détente toward Russia. At least because different member countries of the EU are too different positions. And I see no attempts on the part of Russia to do the necessary steps in order that such discharge occurred. It seems to me that the conflict between Russia on the one hand, and the EU and Germany on the other, on the contrary, exacerbated,” — said Deutsche Welle head of programs for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the German society for foreign policy Stefan Meister.

Well, the question on equality and consideration of each other’s interests. Russia, according to the Meister “is not global, but a regional power”. “From the point of view of economy, of resources, of its appeal. Yes, it has nuclear weapons and a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, which reflect the global ambitions, but it is not the state that determines the world order, she has no resources. This role may apply only to China and USA”, — says German expert. Note, the European Union, he does not mention.

Well, if so, what kind of equality we can talk? More precisely, to say something can, hear not. It is necessary to be aware of. Not put up no. But understand that neither the United States nor the European Union to the interests of Russia are not ready — either now or in the foreseeable future. To play with the future in sight — and another question, are you ready for this, our country.

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