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The CIA and the arms deals in the middle East

ЦРУ и сделки с оружием на Ближнем Востоке

The five-year war in Syria has caused monstrous damage to people, economy and infrastructure of this country, traumatized collective consciousness of the people. About half a million Syrians dead, six million homeless and left the country. The damage caused to the economy of Syria, is estimated at $ 180 billion.

However, in the Syrian turmoil has proved the saying “to Whom war and to whom mother is native”. There were beneficiaries and the armed conflict. These include, first of all, the arms merchants, who made money by supplying arms to Syrian “opposition”, since conventionally, the “moderate” free Syrian army and ending with the terrorists of “Jabhat EN-Nusra” and “Islamic state”. Rather, capital amassing for resale extremists with weapons supplied by the intelligence services of the countries of the Persian Gulf and NATO relatively “moderate.” For example, samples of the latest anti-tank missiles supplied PAS few weeks have been arming ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.”

First time on a major supply of weapons to Syrian anti-government forces began in July 2012 when the Lebanese port of Tripoli was delayed EN route from Libya ship “Lutfullah with a large cargo of arms and ammunition on Board for the opponents of the government of Bashar al-Assad. The weapons came from the looted Libyan “revolutionaries” of the military depots of the army of Muammar Gaddafi, then was bought by the Libyans Qatar and sent to Syria.

By early 2013, the Lebanese channel smuggling of weapons to Syria, Hizbullah was able to block. In addition to the allied obligations to the Syrian government, Hizbullah has moved concern for the fate of their own homeland. The leadership of this movement, which for a long time itself has received weapons through illegal channels, he knew that up to a third of smuggled weapons does not come to appointment and settle on the territory of the transit country. Created a very real threat that one of these rifles and grenade launchers will soon start shooting for the Lebanese.

Libyan origin had and toxic substances with which the armed opposition in August 2013 organized the provocation in Western ghouta, declaring that Bashar al-Assad kills his own people with chemical weapons. In Western and Arab media have a wide resonance has received the information one of the oldest American journalists, Washington Post correspondent Seymour Hersch in the article “the Red line and the rat trail. Erdogan, Obama and the Syrian rebels” (The red line and the rat line: Erdogan, Obama and Syrian rebels). The article said that the use of sarin gas in the Damascus suburb of Western ghouta could stand grouping “Dzhabhat EN-nusra”. Organized same sarin attack Turkish intelligence services, who tried to provoke US to implement the armed intervention in Syria. According to S. Hirsch, poisons, and normal weapons to the Syrian rebels, supplied to Syrian rebels from Libyan army arsenals through Turkey. Agreement on this was reached between the CIA, the British intelligence service MI6 and the Turkish intelligence service MIT. In this part of MI6, formally led the operation, allowed the CIA not to report to the us lawmakers.

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Refusing to help the Lebanese intermediaries, the CIA began to supply weapons to the armed opposition, directly through the territory of Turkey. In April 2014, the armed militant group “Harakat al-Hazm” was the 10 newest missile anti-tank TOW. Soon the number of these complexes have been rapidly increasing, and the missiles somehow are increasingly used by radicals from Jabhat al-Nusra.” The reason is simple. The “moderates” who wanted to make money. In other cases, the radicals were simply taken away weapons from “moderate”. One of the militants of the “Islamic state” explained it this way: “We love the Syrian free army. When we did not have enough weapons, we go to them and just take what we like without asking permission.”

And recently there was a scandal around the us to supply weapons to Syrian anti-government forces via Jordan. According to reports the broadcaster al-Jazeera and the newspaper “new York times,” U.S. weapons heading antisadism militants undergoing training in Jordan, was misappropriated by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold on the black market. One of these trunks surfaced in November last year, when captain Abu Zeid, who was under the influence of radical Islamists, was shot five people with a stolen gun in a police station in Amman. According to “al-Jazeera”, profit engaged in the arms trade of Jordanians is estimated at millions of dollars. The main Jordanian arms markets exist in mA’an in the South of the country in Sahab just outside the capital of Amman and in the Jordan valley.

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Before the Syrian conflict, Jordan was one of the most peaceful and stable countries in the Middle East. Now it’s different. On June 6, the Palestinian refugee camp of Baqaa in the North of Jordan was this incident that showed the vulnerability of the Hashemite Kingdom. Five security officers were killed during the attack on the office of the Service in this place, that here is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. This is the second serious terrorist attack in the country for the current year. On March 2, occurred in a twelve-hour battle units of the Jordanian army with the terrorists in the city of Irbid.

The aggravation of the situation in Jordan is largely due to the fact that under US pressure the government of king Abdullah opened camps to train anti-government fighters from Syria. Officially, the Jordanian leadership supports moderate “southern front”, operating in the province of Deraa. With the end of 2015 implemented supply plan “Stingers” from Saudi Arabia “moderate “Yarmouk Brigade” (Liwa al-Yarmouk). According to British journalist Patrick Cockburn, “numerous videos regularly show that the “Yarmouk Brigade” often fights hand in hand with Jabhat al-Nusra, the official branch of “al-Qaeda”.

The conflict in Syria has come to the point when he brings death and destruction not only to Syrians, but also the residents of neighboring countries – Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan. Southeastern Turkey, where fighting continues between the governmental forces and Kurdish guerrillas and where get gangs of the “Islamic state”, becoming more and more like Syria. It is not excluded that similar – “Syrian” – destiny and Jordan, harboring Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees.

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