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“The children ate cotton candy and watched the police surround the protesters”

Foreign media about protests in Russia

"Дети ели сахарную вату и смотрели, как полицейские окружают протестующих"

June 12, in many Russian cities held protests against corruption, organized by supporters of politician Alexei Navalny. How to respond to rallies in Russia foreign media — in the compilation of “y”.

Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Zurich, Switzerland)

Unusually active participation of young people in the demonstrations led to a discussion about the protest potential of the youth. However, we should not overestimate the degree of politicization of the Process… as absurd as it is typical: the government demands unquestioning obedience, and the youth who does not have anything proven and do not recognize the authority does not understand why he cannot read poetry on the street or play games on your smartphone in Church, and also go on the demonstration if he wants to.

If young Russians appears antipathy to government, then it’s more stylistic, not political. They definitely don’t want a revolution, and it would be naive to perceive the recent demonstrations, which were attended by the youth as the harbingers of the imminent rebellion. Now young people are not ready, but that can quickly change. Rude teachers and police bring themselves distant from politics Hedonists citizens, ready to defend their rights.

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Sky News (London, UK)

Loud anti-corruption demonstration was obviously not what was planned by the Russian government, preparing for the celebration of day of Russia. They found in the city center is carefully designed pavilions showcasing Russia’s “historic victory through the ages”. But thousands of protesters didn’t seem very much interested in this exhibition of the past.

Ruthless critic of those who are called “crooks and thieves”, resonated with tens of thousands of young Russians, who, it seemed, were willing to be arrested in order to spread this message. “Corruption is one of the worst things in our country,— noticed (correspondent, Sky News.— “B”).— It destroys everything. Our economy, our healthcare, everything. If not corruption, it would have been much better.”

The Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, USA)

Tens of thousands of people held anti-corruption marches across Russia, showing the strength of the opposition that the Kremlin has long been written off as ineffective and marginalized… the Moscow protests were the most visible among the more than hundred marches in large and small cities across the country, passed from the Pacific to Kaliningrad.

The New York Times (new York, USA)

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Some analysts, who witnessed the geographical coverage of the protest movement on June 12, enthusiasm and determination of its members, mainly young people, in the face of massive police presence, talked about the revival of the policy. The protests were mainly directed against the corruption of civil servants, but there were other problems such as economic depression and mass demolition of housing, which could bring people to the street.

The Times (London, UK)

On Tverskaya street, closed to traffic, it was possible to observe a bizarre scene, as the protesters mingled with thousands of people gathered at the historical festival. Teenagers, waving Russian flags and carrying posters, the police were chasing, run past wearing a Viking re-enactors who instinctively raised the shields. Piles of sandbags and anti-tank were installed in the center of the city — they were part of the festival “Times and epochs”, which included the reconstruction of scenes from the war of 1812, the Crimean war and the First world war.

The festival had a lot of families and children ate cotton candy and watched in horror as a phalanx of police surrounded the protesters.

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