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The characteristics of the national legalization of weapons

Особенности национальной легализации оружия

Особенности национальной легализации оружия

N. City Bus Station. The sounds of “…Nese Galya water…” coming from the hoarse huchnomovets, happy citizens, with a fun, but stern faces filled the bus with ATRA on the roof, yellow and blue by anticumulative screens on the sides and pink in white polka dot wheels.

Appears the driver is a lyricist with abusive bias do not end up undecided in their socio – political views, in body armor, Oseledets on the head.

Driver: – Shame! Thanks! That is good day!

Dissonant, discordant chorus of passengers: – glory to the Heroes! Today, we are going to go, or what?

Driver: Or!

At the end of the salon there is a noise, scuffling and heard the muffled voice of the passenger.

First passenger: – Gnocco! That sho you robite? The grenade launcher requires perevozit the vertical pollogen. And then trimate Yogo, Yak Linn OTO log!

A portly woman (a middle-aged) with a bust of the fifth size, with a practiced gesture cocking trigger mechanism and a well-worn RPG-7: – Sho!?

First passenger (shyly hiding behind a hunting rifle): – That hi sho! Kate vzhe kudi you need, the th podema.

In the center compartment plyugavenky vuyko in the old, yet seen of Sidor Kovpak camouflage of the German division “Edelweiss”, busily inserts a tape in the machine gun MG – 42.

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Vuyko: – I duzhe vivacious, Damrod! It seems to me ale meni sho at mi Shaw demo to the meadow behind the village Maidanak!

A subject with a bright appearance and intellectual – in Slippers on his bare feet, sports pants, pinned domes on all the bare Breasts and make-up a La Valuev, busily dokurivat a cigarette near the door, pushes into the salon trumpet knapsack flamethrower with a burning pilot light.

The subject, referring to the militant Hutsuls: – Hey, child of the mountains, you’re a machine gun on the fuse, then put! I have three times took the tickets to Berdichev, and food to your Maidanivka…

The driver, adjusting on the waist belt f-1 grenade (with the universal sadness in her eyes and a Shakespearean tone): – Mauger progolosuyu, dear of asagiri? Yak that seem to have the tradition of the best Ukrainian goods Maidan!

The cabin is posted sound platoon paddles…

Appears in the doorway grandma is on the chest cross tied the ends of the big cloth sacks, shapeless artifact miraculously fits on the hunched back old woman. Withered hand – shaped loaf, tidy bundle from a clean, embroidered towel.

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Grandma (having driven from the front harnesses two persons of middle Eastern nationality with belts of shahids): – Senocak! For pencina daweses? Babcia got close to Givet…

Driver: – OTO, babsy, pocajt posven! TSE you are not of Mordor, de without documents sdate ussc agents of the Kremlin!

Grandmother carefully unwraps the bundle on his knees.

The driver of a trained eye immediately detects that fuse anti-tank mines TM – 62M is no safety check.

The driver, turning to a bored woman with a grenade launcher, showing two modest harvesting in the aisle, glancing apprehensively at the bust of the fifth size of the Arabs: – Shanovna! Here there build out the OTA two. I let them sitting tikhenko – here m not Arabeski postrm. Maybe tomorrow h to cordon pdeso… After Berdych.

Grandmother (turning to the intellectual): – the Devil used you took! Vzhe put out his oil lamp, bsava dytyna – dihati NEMA Chim!

Driver: – Sha! VSI samulli! The weapon on sapony! Pramu bus with the route… De vie, grandma live?

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