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“The blue whale” is “pink pony”? Who and why again is sowing panic Marina Kotova

"Синий кит" стал "розовым пони"? Кто и зачем опять сеет панику Марина Котова

Mom’s in a panic. On social networks with lightning speed, apply post-a warning that the “blue whale” is “pink pony” and got to the kids.

We are talking about the game, which can be downloaded free to your smartphone or tablet in Google Play. It allegedly sweet pomaska first peacefully galloping through the meadow, offering to perform various tasks, and then asks the child to climb on a window sill and in any case not to tell mom about it.

To find this game turned out to be quite simple. Info about what is the new incarnation of “blue whale” (actually “groups of death” who encourage their children to suicide), is contained in several reviews. Interestingly, these are similar in many ways.

The staff of life game set, to witness her in danger. Pink pony there really is, and he actually jumps (or rather, some kind of Princess on it). But no pony, no Princess to nothing call. They need to be managed to overcome all obstacles and collect hearts. That’s all.

Looks unusual age limit, rated game, 18+, marked “very hard stage”. That is, it can only be opened under age players who (obviously) a little pink pony. Although what constitutes “tough scenes”, not very clear. Unless the game is a shooter that occasionally POPs up.

By the way, about advertising. Her in the application are countless: it appears just after each action of the player. And it’s the only thing that may desire to depart this life, and that of the parents only.

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About the delusional context of the game with the “blue whale”, and say many users who also tried to play in “Pink pony”.

To finally establish itself in its conclusions, we turned to the experts. They assured that nothing to worry about.

— I would conjecture the following. Spherical Chinese in the basement get the game on the popular theme of a pony, and published it in Google Play. Everypony in the trend. And someone from 2ch or there, peek-a-Boo took and pinned — threw the comments about the blue whale and distributed. By the way, the game itself is trash and such a curve that the child should not give at all because of stories about “blue whale,” said the journalist, head of game direction Alexei Karpenko.

According to the head of the Center of rescue of children from cybercrimes Sergei Pestov, the stuffing — spread panic.

— Now worried about “groups of death” was asleep, and thus decided to bring to this. Do those who at the time was distributing information about the approaching death of 5 thousand children. They want panic to spread, so they slightly changed tactics, decided to scare through the toys, he said. — It is not necessary to pay attention. And law enforcement officers, and social activists on this issue are working. I think that the situation will change radically, and soon this area will be cleaned up.

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Perhaps the creators of the game have made this stuffing to create a buzz around their mediocre design. If so, then the idea failed. At the time of writing, the “Pink pony” downloaded 10 thousand times, and it’s a pretty standard figure for arkadki in category “Children’s games”.

Life managed to find a post which, perhaps, was the original source of this hysteria. It has published a Zoe — a young mother, an employee of one of computer companies in Kiev. There is this Zoya really hard to say.

One thing is clear: the parents are so intimidated undertaken out of nowhere “groups of death” that they themselves unconsciously increasingly spin up the flywheel, causing panic. After all compassionate mother actively spreading the message about the “Pink pony”, not realizing that scaring themselves.

When you see these messages you should always check information before you do a repost and ask “to send to all who have children playing in tablets”.

Senior specialist of public relations of Google Alina Artamonova assured life, if the Google services (e.g. YouTube, Blogger, Google+ or Google Play) you find inappropriate content or have faced abuse by user, you can report it using special tools.

We consider all complaints and do not tolerate any violations of the terms of use of our services, — said in Google.


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