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The anti-corruption Agency China first reported on the fabrication of accountability in the economy

Антикоррупционное агентство Китая впервые сообщило о фабрикации отчётности в экономике

According to recent studies anti-corruption Agency of the Communist party of China, the statistics in Inner Mongolia and the northeastern Jilin province was false.

Falsified data found in some firms and regions, according to a statement from the Central Commission for discipline inspection.

The statement does not specify the details, but refers to the promotion of corrupt officials and the inability of local authorities to fully implement the major decisions taken by the Central authorities.

Local officials often overstate the rates of economic growth make a favorable report, which is associated with its promotion. To the detriment of the reliability of data, profit remains the key indicator in the analysis of the efficiency of enterprises.

Last year, Inner Mongolia and Jilin province reported an increase of 7.2% and 6.9%, respectively.

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Zhou Hao, an economist at Commerzbank in Singapore, sees the news as a strong political signal. In a statement, the Central Commission for discipline inspection said that falsification of data is a violation of party discipline, said Zhou in an interview with the Financial Times.

“In China, nobody had taken seriously the falsification of data,” he said.

Officials in Liaoning province, which borders with Jilin and Inner Mongolia, as it turned out, had falsified the data from 2011 to 2014. At an exaggerated profit accounted for almost a fifth of total income, reaching a 2014 peak of 23%, according to iFeng.

Man of Lansing, researcher at the New mainland of the state Institute, said that falsification of data is a common occurrence. “To some extent, the financial data of China are normal, only when there is fake data. Otherwise they would look strange,” he said in an interview with Radio “Free Asia”.

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“Officials produce numbers, produce the numbers of officials”, — said the man, referring to the practice of inflating of merit for promotion.

Jilin and Inner Mongolia are suffering from the economic downturn. Inner Mongolia is a major coal supplier, saw that demand is declining, since the development of environmentally sustainable energy has become more visible in China. Jilin production base of the Chinese automobile industry, also experienced a sharp decline.

The authorities in Jilin and Inner Mongolia are closely associated with members of the Politburo standing Committee Zhang Dejiang and Liu Unishinem, two powerful political rivals, XI Jinping.

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