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The American dream – the illusion of economic stability

The UN special representative on issues of poverty and human rights Philip Al recently presented a report, which reflected the depressing economic situation in the United States. According to the document, more than 40 million Americans live below the poverty line, 18.5 million are in poverty and 5.3 million under absolute poverty and cannot afford even the necessities.

Philip Al in his report have focused on statistical data provided by various U.S. services, as well as information from prominent economists, sociologists and social workers of the United States. “The result is simply disastrous. In conditions of endemic poverty has the highest level of child poverty and mortality among member States of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD),” – said the UN special envoy.

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Social inequality in the United States are pronounced: the appalling number of poor accounted for 25% of all billionaires in the world: “it Turns out that the current us policy gives high tax benefits and preferences for the rich who actually are paid for by the social security of the poor.”

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The proverbial “American dream” has long been turned into unattainable in reality the illusion of financial stability and security. This disease will affect more and more people, and equality of opportunity that allegedly exists in the United States as the basis of democracy, in practice it is a common myth, not only for the poor, but for members of the impoverished middle class.

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