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The 1985 film “Come and see” won the Venice film festival in the category “Classics”

Фильм 1985 года "Иди и смотри" выиграл на кинофестивале в Венеции в номинации "Классика"


The Russian film “Come and see” won at the film festival in Italy in the category “classic Venetian”. The picture of elem Klimov 1985, it was restored and sent to “Venice film festival”. About the features of this category, and the winners in the main program 74-OGO the international festival said the special correspondent of NSN in Venice Marina Latysheva:

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“In the main competition of the Russian films was not, but the old Russian film “Come and see” won in the section “Venice classic”. This competition, which involves a restored picture, which was shown in Venice. In the main competition was won by “water” (“water Status”), Guillermo del Toro, in my opinion, deservedly so. The film “Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri” by Martin McDonagh received the award for best screenplay”.

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Kinonovell in Russia was another scandal with film Director Alexei Uchitel. Because of his movie “Matilda” has submitted the claim about protection of honor and dignity of the widow of a nephew of Nicholas II. Statement of Olga Kulikovskaya-Romanova adopted at the October court of St. Petersburg.


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