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Tennis prolongs life

According to a new study, regular the game of tennis can prolong your life by nearly 10 years.

Popular sport can be the best choice for you than Cycling, Jogging or swimming, and experts believe that it is the social aspect plays a big role.

In a study conducted in Copenhagen, was attended by nearly 8,600 people aged 20 to 93 years. Scientists wanted to find out how social sports affect life expectancy.

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The results showed that the players lived an average of 9.7 years longer badminton players of 6.2 years longer and the players almost 5 years longer than people who are not trained. But more “lonely” sports have had a smaller impact on the life expectancy of people. Cyclists lived on average 3.7 years longer swimmers at 3.4 years and the runners are only 3.2 years longer than inactive people.

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The researchers stated that, despite the increase in heart rate when performing exercise that is very important for longevity, connection with other people is also vital.

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