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Tax burden: this is not America

Налоговый гнет: здесь вам не Америка

The promise, which gave the government business, not to increase the tax burden, is not performed. Next year, more than 175 billion rubles will have to pay the business because of new taxes and increasing existing ones. This follows from the law on the budget adopted by the state Duma.

In the budget act for the year 2018, introduced three new payment: import duties on machinery and equipment, recycling (7%) of the means of production heavy and power engineering, investment fee (25%) in ports. Existing fees are indexed: for example, the recycling fee on cars to 15%.

Due to the growth of the recycling collection, the tax burden in the first place will significantly increase for those who buy machines, it is estimated, that 40 billion rubles, told the “Газете.Ru” the head of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin.

In addition, 11% increase in insurance contributions for individual entrepreneurs EDV will increase by 4%, also likely will gain tax on movable property (1.1 percent), he said.

In addition, increase the burden on big business.

All business in 2018 will have to pay about 150 billion rubles, says Kalinin.

If the sum to calculate all the extra fees and also take into account the tax on movable property – as the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation have not yet declared their determination not to enter it is still showing 1.1 percent additionally, the total load may exceed 150 billion rubles, agree co-chair of “Business Russia” Alexey Repik.

“It’s not even so much about the money, it’s more a matter of psychological signals: these blocks (which increases load) related to competitiveness, investment and development priorities of the country’s economy – emphasizes Repik, – making a misstep in this direction, we can obtain a much worse result than the positive effect from the new fees will receive the budget.”

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The overall amount of taxes a 7 trillion rubles of additional 150 billion roubles are not so noticeable for the budget. However, the increase in the tax burden on the products of the machine tools and engineering will significantly affect the mood of large investors that invest in this area, and this is alarming, confirmed Kalinin.

Earlier the head of the four business associations – RSPP, “Business Russia”, chamber of Commerce, “Support of Russia” appealed to the government to President Vladimir Putin, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin has confirmed “Газете.Ru” the fact of the treatment of business representatives to Putin. Shokhin said that, in fact, the amount of the additional tax burden amounted to 100 billion rubles at the time of writing of the appeal, the case will exceed the amount of 175 billion rubles.

“We have not considered the implications of tax rates on personal property. And it is about 75 billion,” — said Shokhin.

The moratorium on the increase of the tax burden the President launched in 2014 and is available until the end of 2018.

But since then, a host of fees and charges, which are technically taxes are not. At the beginning of 2017, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry “to refrain from promulgating and amending the government” projects, providing for new payments until the law is passed on them.

The moratorium does not prevent and does not prevent to raise taxes, and the overall fiscal burden, complains the business.

According to Shokhin, the government traditionally surprises with the introduction of taxes and fees. Officials expressed Shokhin, bypass business routine. Can consult, but can not. Depends on their goodwill.

At the discretion of the constituent entities

While tax changes have been recorded in the draft budget, which the state Duma adopted last week. According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrei Makarov, to the second core, the reading of the draft budget received 586 amendments, 406 of them were recommended for adoption.

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In particular, it was adopted a controversial amendment on the restoration of the tax on movable property companies (improvement tax).

The tax rate on movable property will set the regions, but it cannot exceed 1.1%. The regions of Russia may impose additional tax benefits.

Improvement tax will begin in 2018.

Tax increases will inevitably lead to less investment, higher prices of the means of production and end products in virtually all industries, warns the President of the business.

For example, the authorities had already restricted the ability of businesses to reduce the amount of loss from tax base on profit, lifted the moratorium on the change of cadastral value of the property with 2018 Annually from the tax increase affects oil companies and “Gazprom”: in 2017-2018 the load on them compared to 2016 has increased by almost 600 billion rubles.

Tax reform American

In the US the authorities prefer not to raise the tax burden to more or less significant recovery in economic growth. Now the US economy growing by 3.5%. The House of representatives approved the bill on a large-scale tax reform. The reform provides significant tax cuts for corporations and citizens.

The plan of tax reform involves, for example, reducing income tax for businesses and enterprises from 35% to 20%.

Although, it is expected that this reform will significantly increase the us budget deficit, the passage of the bill in the future will be a major victory for the US President Donald trump, notes the Associated Press.

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