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Tank and fighter

Танк и истребитель

The governments of Germany and France agreed on closer cooperation in defence and education.

Germany and France cooperate closely on a number of defense projects, including the creation of a new European fighter aircraft, patrol aircraft base aircraft and tanks. These are the results of a joint Franco-German Cabinet meeting held on 13 July.

The meeting was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) and the President of France Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Macron). Following the meeting, an agreement was reached to strengthen cooperation cyberarmies of the two States to unify encrypt its military communications for the more rapid exchange of information.

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During his visit to Paris, Merkel also announced the start of reforms in the Eurozone this year, after the parliamentary elections in Germany. It reiterated that it was open to discussing the issue of a single budget for the Eurozone, the introduction of the post of Minister of Finance of the Eurozone and the creation of a European monetary Fund.

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Macron has promised to restore in French schools, the bilingual Franco-German programs. They were abolished by his predecessor Francois Hollande (François Hollande). According to Macron, the program will affect about 540 thousand pupils.

Following the meeting, Merkel and the Makron came out to the press and said a few words in the language of each other introduced themselves and told the audience, in what city you live in.

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