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Talking about a great deal of Beijing and Washington?

О чем говорит великая сделка Пекина и Вашингтона?

Before the APEC summit in Vietnam, the President of the United States Donald trump paid a visit to China, during which they signed a number of trade and economic agreements which total amount has made more than 255 billion dollars. The largest was a deal between the consortium with the participation of the largest Chinese state oil company China Petrochemical Corp for the development of the sector of liquefied natural gas in Alaska worth 43 billion dollars.

Beijing also buys Washington 37 billion 300 Boeing aircraft. The deal includes 260 single-aisle Boeing-737 and 40 wide-body Boeing-787 and Boeing-777. Also quite significant is the agreement worth $ 12 billion between Qualcomm Inc. and three Chinese phone makers selling their chips.

The total amount of U.S.-China trade and economic agreements, of course, impressive and suggests that the strategy of Donald trump against Beijing, at least in public, came to fruition. China signed a large enough financial package of agreements. Now returning to the U.S. no one can accuse trump that he could not push China on the issue of reducing trade imbalance between the two countries in 2016 reached approximately 350 billion dollars.Greater gift the only Washington could make Saudi Arabia with the aim to appease the White house during the visit of Donald trump in Ar-Riyadh signed investment agreements worth $ 380 billion, including military contracts in the amount of 110 billion dollars.

However, as shown by the first analysis, the agreement on development of liquefied natural gas in Alaska cost of 43 billion dollars is still a contract of intent. As for the planes, then to 2036 China will need more than 7.2 thousand new aircraft totaling more than $ 1.1 trillion. Accordingly, against this background, 37 billion dollars is just 3% of planned spending of China on the aircraft.

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That is, there is no doubt that Beijing has done a lot to ensure that the visit has indeed become historical and that the total volume of transactions trump could close the mouths of his opponents in the United States. However, what it did to Beijing? The only thing is that Beijing has enough financial, technological and military strength to oppose the Americans openly. Therefore, in order to prevent sliding the existing trade and economic, as well as growing geopolitical confrontation to open forms in which Beijing, even with all the size of its economy, yet there is nothing to oppose the United States, and the decision was made about such a gift.

Beijing needs time to consolidate the internal market and strengthening the ideological positions of the Communist party in the country. XI Jinping ahead even two terms. And this time should be used sensibly, without getting involved, while Beijing wasn’t enough, a confrontation with the United States. And buying the US President is a good way to buy time.

Yes, the opponents in Washington are unhappy that trump and XI found common ground and were able to negotiate in trade-economic sphere, thus making it virtually impossible to attempt to exacerbate the bilateral relations. But to do in the near future they can not do anything, since industrial lobbyists in the USA transaction completely satisfied. Beijing got the time, with this success, our Chinese comrades are to be congratulated.In addition, through this transaction dramatically decreased and confrontation around entirely far-fetched to North Korean problems — if the DPRK no one will touch it, and such a question in the global agenda will not. Accordingly, the development of events showed deep conceptual wrong those experts who predicted that the outcome of the meeting between Putin and trump will be the exchange of Ukraine on the DPRK.

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As we pointed out in the article “How Moscow and Washington bred the Eastern rabbit”, it is impossible for many reasons. One of them is the following:

“North Korea military is the perfect trap for the United States, it was built more than 60 years. The only solution is a nuclear strike. But the whole world would be extremely against it, and from many countries of all Americans polls just sent a hooting. To exert military pressure on China, the US cannot, not having dealt with North Korea. Asia, Europe and Africa are a single continent and the United States may lose her as a colony, inadvertently started another military conflict.”

As we can see a military solution to the problem of North Korea is a trap, and many in the US understand it. So stupid to change the CRA to Ukraine, because after the DPRK global stocks USA rapidly depreciate. As for Ukraine, that the United States needed to implement the Minsk agreements, otherwise Ukraine will go berserk and become nedogosudarstvom or former state very quickly. Accordingly, the destruction of another state after Libya, Iraq, attempted in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, will strike another major blow not only on the theory of color revolutions, but also the US position in the world.

In the context of the above, it should be noted that if China gets the time for technological re-equipment and strengthen its position in the world, it is in Russia. The historical experience says that the main thing for Russia is to have a development time of peace, and the more will be this period between the wars, the better.


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