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60 years later. Festival of youth and students.


Yesterday saw different reports from so-called open world festival of youth and students. Thousands of students, who were from different universities, tortured rehearsals meaningless, detached from their cases, was extremely sad on the streets. Show more… the Fact that it was obligation, it was written on every face, would be …

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Nikolai Svanidze: the criminal liability from 12 years.


N. Svanidze Hello. Show completely… K. Larina ― For us news, which like to discuss it with Nikolay Karlovich as a historian. About criminal responsibility to 12 years. It talked about this today in GD. The food they serve there changes to the criminal code. Lowering the age of criminal …

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Nine years of hysterical lies of the liberal Venediktov

Knowledgeable Venediktov people called me three possible reasons for his behavior (of course, none excludes the other, and possible even some kind of fourth): 1) delusions of grandeur, harmoniously developed into rudeness and inability to distinguish reality from his delusions; 2) a simple provocation to get rid of the unwanted …

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The Holodomor of 1932-33 in Ukraine – 85 years


In this and next year Ukraine celebrated the 85-th anniversary of Holodomor victims. In the turbulent history of XX-th century, the Holodomor of 1932-33 in Ukraine occupies a special place. The Holodomor was genocide of the Ukrainian nation in 1932-1933. The 1932-1933 famine-genocide is a terrible crime committed by the …

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It was not how many years, and suddenly – again!


Photos in the topic from Google Suddenly, the country returned to elections of governors were abolished after the Beslan tragedy in 2004.. The strange thing is that in today’s elections almost no campaigning was not carried out and most people are surprised to learn that you can go to the …

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Two years in Syria: what is the result?


Two years after the start of the military campaign in Syria, the struggle of the Kremlin for the Damascus dictator Bashar al-Assad continues. However, from a means for political bargaining with the West, it has long become an end in itself. Starting in 2016, the main Moscow’s efforts were aimed …

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