Friday , February 23 2018
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The people of Ukraine have found the enemy worse than Russia

During the television survey conducted by the Ukrainian TV channel, the majority of the audience voted that Poland is the main threat to Ukraine. Channel Newsone in the political program of the “Wild goldfish” made a poll with the question “Who for Ukraine is the greatest threat?”56% of viewers chose …

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UK is worse than Ireland?

New “good country Index” (Good Country Index) for the second consecutive year as the UK loses its leading position in the world. This year, the country from seventh place down to eighth, behind Ireland, which was praised for contribution to international prosperity and equality, and concern for the health and …

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Life is worse than death: 12 facts about North Korea

Maybe before you threaten North Korea all penalties celestial, the US President Donald Trump would be worth to see with a special view of the world of North Koreans. He could understand that in Asia human life in General means little. By the way, is the flip side of Buddhism, …

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The geography of depression: worse than Russia only in Africa

Russia is among the most depressed countries, discovered Australian scientists. About 6% of the population suffer from mood disorders and that die prematurely. Scientists from Australia’s University of Queensland conducted a major study of psychological disorders, using data on the prevalence and duration of depression in different countries. The result …

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Putin is bad. Hopefully, it will be worse

Whether Putin could make it so that there were no sanctions, and Russia has been a great diplomatic and other wonderful relationship with the world? I am sure that I could. Moreover, it is easy. All American politicians, from trump to McCain, then it would be loved and praised Russia, …

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Stabilization under the slogan “if Only was not worse”

The Ministry of economic development predicts almost zero real growth of pensions of Russians in the next 20 years, write “Vedomosti”. This scenario, according to the newspaper, is contained in the target version of the macro forecast-2035. Wages and incomes in the next two decades will grow more slowly than …

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