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При ремонте не обойтись без крепежей

Строительная отрасль в России развивается быстро и по всем направлениям. Если профессионалы, конечно же, знают какой крепеж нужно применять в каждом конкретном случае, то обычные люди нередко стремятся использовать гвозди или шурупы.

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A few words about Soviet “majors”

To speak on this subject I decided after reading the article “in the Soviet Union Who were considered “major?” Frankly, I couldn’t remember even one case of the use of the word (or the expression “Golden youth”) in Soviet times among the people of my circle. But this does not …

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A few words about “awkward” holiday dates

Since then, as the Bolsheviks abolished the tsarist holidays, appointing in their place their own, which in turn was replaced by today’s new liberal government, in the minds of the people was born “festive chaos”. If You asked me to name the date at least of one of the Ukrainian …

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A few words about the passions around “Matilda”

You haven’t forgotten about the scandal surrounding the film Andrei Zvyagintsev “Leviathan”? I’m sure you do. And what are they over? Storm in a teacup also quietly ceased as it had begun. And what was the point in this “glass storm”? And God knows… Then I saw the film, because …

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